TxDOT: STILL playing a shell game.

TxDOT responded today with a letter to Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, who had concerns over TxDOT's funding shortfall says a new Dallas News article.

I just read TxDOT's letter to Dewhurst, and TxDOT is STILL playing a shell game!

In the letter to Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, TxDOT says the money they have in hand is "committed" to active projects.

Just like TxDOT, it's not what they say, it's what they don't say.

What they don't say is that those committed Billions of tax dollars, which were intended for freeways, are to be spent on freeway to tollway conversions, all across Texas.

The tollways are not financially viable without a mass infusion of our tax dollars. Once the toll roads are in place, the majority of the toll tax dollars collected from our families (amounting to Billions more in the coming decades), goes to the special interests who profit from the public subsidies.

Too many of these freeway toll conversions create monopolies, as expressways intended to be freeways become nothing more than revenue generators for the special interests. The right of way we've already paid amounts to even Billions more of our tax dollars being used as corporate welfare.

And, whether the freeway toll roads are privately run or run my unelected toll authorities, our families still pay Billions at every single turn.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... its like Tuesday never even happened.