Governor Rick Perry Slanders Me

The Texas Governor, Rick Perry, must be obsessed with me.

Months after I moved out of Texas, the Governor of Texas is spinning tales about me to to the Dallas Morning News. Perry says I tried to make a living off opposing the corridor, and since I couldn't do so, I had to leave Texas.

What a crooked liar!

Perry says this in the article:

"....And if the grass-roots toll groups and bloggers had substantial influence, we wouldn’t be building any roads at all — they would have killed (our efforts) — and we are. Sal Costello had to move out of the state, it got to be such a poor way to make a living."
The writer Michael A. Lindenberger, of the Dallas Morning News, deserves credit, as he tries to set the record straight within the article (although he's off by a couple of months with when my announcement took place) — But it's a better effort than the toll loving Austin American Statesman would ever do (Otherwise known as the Snakesman). Dallas news says this after Perry reimagines the facts:
"Note: Costello, founder of a group called Austin Toll Party, is credited with helping stop some taxpayer-funded roads in Austin from being converted to toll roads. His blistering attacks made him a prolific anti-toll road gadfly. He announced earlier this month he had moved to a small town in Illinois and given up what he called his costly “obsession” with campaigning against toll roads."


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