Citizens react to GOV. PERRY LAND GRAB VIRAL VIDEO at StopPerry.com

If you, Governor Perry, do not reject the TTC project before election day, this lifelong Republican and his family will be voting for whichever of your opponents is polling the strongest on election day. You are a disgrace to Texas and A&M for trying to give away land belonging to decendents of those who fought for Texas independence.

From David in Louise, TX


Chris Bell: Failed Candidate Abandoned by his Own.

I met with Chris Bell about a year and a half ago.

Bell’s campaign advisor Jason Stanford asked me to have a meeting with them at the Capitol, to give them insight on Gov. Rick Perry’s Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) and tolling of roads we’ve already paid for. They asked me to this meeting because I’m the founder of People for Efficient Transportation PAC.

It’s important to say that our grassroots organization has endorsed good Republicans and Democrats over the last 2 years. We’ve never endorsed an independent candidate. We endorse great candidates who will ignore the party machine and vote for the people.

Frankly, I never thought I’d write about his meeting, but Chris Bell has crossed the line one two many times, and it’s time someone set the record straight.

Back to the meeting...I was not impressed with Bell, as he spent more time looking at his laptop screen than joining the conversation at our cafeteria capital small table. I remember how shocked I was when our meeting ended - that I'd wished Jason Stanford was the candidate. Chris Bell was aloof, arrogant and far from the friendly Stanford who simply asked questions and actually listened.

My opinion of Chris Bell hasn’t improved over the last year in a half.

He’s failed to show up, after being invited, to any of our important anti-TTC events across the state. Most of these events, especially our largest one, Tunes not Tolls, took place before we made any endorsement decisions. He’s also failed to show up at dozens of TTC hearings that Strayhorn has taken the time to attend across Texas, along with thousand of Texans who fear loosing their homes to Perry’s TTC foreign profit making scheme.

Why has Chris Bell failed to say he’ll stop the TTC?

The democrat party machine will most probably want to move into Perry’s TTC territory and sell Texas for their own gain. This opinion is simply based on what the two parties have been doing since they were born.

Strayhorn will stop Gov. Perry's TTC.

Strayhorn has presented a no land grab alternative to the TTC, using existing right of way. Bell has proposed nothing. Nothing for transportation, or education, or any other issue in Texas. Bell has been too busy scrambling to raise a real campaign war chest over the last many months. And, he has failed at that as well.

Recently Chris Bell has tried telling Texans that Strayhorn was pro-TTC. An outright lie.

Strayhorn has already taken real action while Chris Bell has done nothing. Chris Bell is actually known for nothing.

While Bell has been attacking Strayhorn over the past many months, and ignoring Perry (who has lead in 100% of all the polls), Strayhorn has received the support of 100% of the anti TTC and all “no tolls on roads we’ve already paid for” groups throughout Texas.

Chris Bell’s desperation, fabrications, SMOKE AND MIRRORS become more clear as the election gets closer.

This week he’s beating his chest about being 5 points away from Perry, and claiming Strayhorn’s campaign is dead. The Chris Bell spin fails to be honest with Texans - The poll they brag about is an online interactive poll!

The vast majority of the respondents from online polls are from a "database of individuals who have registered to take part in online polls through solicitations on the company's Web site as well as other Web sites that span the political spectrum". Such online polls work for counting college students who all have access to the internet and check e-mail regularly, but I think I can trust your intelligence to realize the flaws when using such methods on the general population.

And some candidates have actually altered this feeble poll by telling their supporters to go to the poll to deliberately skew the data. Shame on Chris Bell, for desperately trying to trick Texans.

The usual crucial Texas Democratic supporters have abandoned Chris Bell for INDEPENDENT Carole Keeton Strayhorn.

Two of the largest voting blocks in Texas have abandoned Chris Bell, the Texas State Teachers Association & Texas Federation of Teachers. And just as important, the usual big dollar Democrat donors have sent all their millions to Strayhorn.

Why have the usual supporters abandoned Chris Bell? Because they know he just can’t win.

The facts is Benjamin Franklin could run for governor and loose, if he didn’t have the millions of needed dollars to communicate with millions of Texans via TV.

Strayhorn, the only woman in the race, has raised over 8 million dollars, Perry has 10 million dollar, Bell has zero million dollars, Kinky has zero million dollars. Oh, and I have the answer to Kinky’s question, “Why the hell not?”. Answer: Kinky is irresponsible.

Tony Sanchez was the last Dem to run 4 years ago. He had 40 million dollars and he still lost.

It’s simple, Chris Bell, one of the four white guys in this Gov. Race, was destined to loose in Texas, and the lack of proper campaign funding gives this old and tired candidate the political dirt nap.

Strayhorn’s TV ads began running a couple weeks ago. The ads were pulled out of respect when Ann Richards passed away. In a few weeks, the real polls, with real numbers will prove that Chris Bell (and his desperate attempt to be a whole candidate) if full of hot air.

Sure the 10% of hardcore Texas Dems (some of which are my friends) will be stubborn, and vote for Chris Bell while he’s in forth place a month from now, allowing more of a chance of Perry being the longest serving Governor in Texas history.

But the majority of Texans who want to remove Gov. Perry, along with his corporate welfare schemes, will vote for who is number two (2) in the polls October 23rd, when early voting starts.

Common sense says that’ll be Carole Keeton Strayhorn, as she is the only candidate with the millions to compete with Perry via the TV commercial wars taking place now across Texas.


Gov. Perry gave me a heart attack in 2003.

Rick Perry makes me sick. I am a Native Texan and for the first time in my 64 years, I have considered moving out of state. He's gone crazy! He gave me a heart attack in 2003 from worry for my home, my escrow went up $2,000.00 a year to cover property taxes and insurance. I almost lost my home of 16 years.

An email today from Richard in Cedar Hill, TX

Taylor Anti-Corridor Meeting Tonight

Taylor Anti-Corridor Meeting Tonight!
Thursday, September 21, 6 p.m.
Taylor, Knights of Columbus Hall

Scheduled to speak are David Stall, co-founder of Corridor Watch and Carole Keeton Strayhorn, "One Tough Grandma."

STATESMAN COMMENTARY (STRAYHORN): Trans-Texas Corridor to benefit special interests, not the public


Compare This Tollers!

I've been busy with the launch of our new “Perry Gone Wild - Eminent Domain 4 foreign profits” Movie, but here’s a thought about a recent toll article in the Austin Statesman this week.

I’d like to say I enjoyed Ben Wear’s article comparing the gas tax to the toll tax, but I didn’t.

Why? Because he didn’t do the job.

1) The article failed to mention that tolling freeways creates a whole new tax, not to mention the bureaucracy that comes with it. Tolls are a whole new unaccountable double tax, when we already have one form of accountable taxation - the gas tax. We should have and still can index our gas tax, as other states have done.

2) The article also failed to compare the real cost of tolls compared to the additional 5 to 17 cent gas tax needed to replace the tolls. If you pay 20 cents per mile for a toll road x 20 mpg for the average car, you'll pay the equivalent of $4.00 per gallon more for the tolls! Compare that to the 5 to 17 cents per gallon for the additional gas tax.

Which one do you choose?
$4.00 Toll Tax per mile or .05 to .17 cents Gas Tax per mile?

It's simple. Bureaucracy ALWAYS costs more.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Share this funny and informative "Perry's Eminent Domain" video with the people you know ALL ACROSS TEXAS. Nothing else can tell the whole TTC story in only 2 minutes! Use this page to send an automatic message to them now.

"Gov. is pushing the collection of tolls just past the November election because he knows it's going to cost him votes and probably the election."


CBS DALLAS: Texas Toll Roads Causing Political Showdown

Selling the Publics Property! Everything must go!

Public Private Partnership
North American PPP 2006: The Infrastructure Finance Conference

September 19th and 20th. Waldorf Astoria
conference fee: US $1999.00 Per Delegate

See how Perry's TxDOT sells our Texas Roads,
Land and Water to the special interests!
(Copy and paste):



Gov. Rick Perry 500,000+ acre TTC Land Grab Upsets Texans!

Make sure you see Gov. Rick Perry's "JibJab" style animated cartoon at www.DumpPerry.com...and pass it on to everyone you know in Texas.

I’ve been reading the emails that go from www.DumpPerry.com to Rick Perry and other Reps. for over 2 years now. It’s never boring.

I thought you’d be interested in what a couple of folks have sent via email to Gov. Perry in just the last hour:

From Tracey in Houston, TX -
My vote coming the Novembers elections will not be for Perry. This will be the 1st year I will not vote for a Republican. My father is probably rolling over in his grave (which you will probably dig up to get your road).
From Bill in Allen, TX -
Of all the eminent domain abominations that have occured across the country, this would be the worst of them all. And ceding control of any US soil to a foreign company in this day is just insanity.
Joe in Austin, TX -
Privatization of toll roads is a very bad idea. Any candidate supporting toll roads will not get my vote.
Doris from Irving, TX -
I am NOT voting for YOU and a lot of other people that are turning America over to FOREIGNERS.
This from David in Adkins, TX:

Perry you should be ashamed to have a commercial on home land
security. You now want to open a gate to terrorist to just drive into our state
as free as a jay bird can fly into our Texas skies. Terrorism will
drive to the nuclear plants, electrical plants, Dams, Aquifers,and any
city that they want to reek havoc on. Perry and all others that are for
the TTC you are taking away our freedom. I will vote against you all come
election day, this may be the last free speech that I will probably be
able to express with as long as you money, land grabbers are in our
government. Perry you dont have enough National Guardsmen to secure a
highway this large. You can't even secure our borders now you want to build
a highway and gate to have easier access into our country. I heard
people talk about the clowns that are in the office, now you proved it.
and this from Jack from Dallas, TX -
FUCK RICK PERRY! Tired of hearing about all these complaints and nothing getting done. The only thing the politicians in Austin care about are there fucking bank accounts and not what is right for The Lone Star State. I'm fucking tired of people looking out for themselves when they are supposed to be doing something positive for the state. Someone needs to go in there and regulate (i.e. fire the turds who are fucking everything up).


Gov. Perry stars in animated cartoon!

Citizen Group Adds to Eminent Domain
Debate in Texas Governor Race with
Online Video Campaign

Austin, Texas -- The Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) project championed by Gov. Rick Perry will bring about mass evictions of Texans from their homes, farms, and ranches, according to an online video released by a citizen group.

An official web site promoting the TTC project confirms plans for use of eminent domain to evict families from their homes in record numbers.

"This is the largest land-grab in Texas history. Perry plans to force Texas families from their homes, kicking and screaming, so a foreign company can profit for the next 50 years. And, the details of the land grab are still being withheld from the public, for more than a year." said Sal Costello, founder of People for Efficient Transportation PAC.

A new video has been created by the group to help inform more Texans of the more than half a million acre Perry TTC plan, and it is easily available for viewing online at StopPerryLandGrab.com. The video was also created to shine a light on the secret deal made between Gov. Perry and Cintra behind closed doors that will result in the start of the massive evictions in order to begin construction the TTC, according to Costello.

In an effort to help the public visualize the impact of the TTC, the video shows a cartoon of Perry literally kicking families out of their homes and off their farms and ranches all across Texas.

"Texas families getting kicked out of their homes to benefit foreign construction companies is a horrific lottery with scary odds," said Costello. "They are forcing the TTC on Texans, and depending where they draw the line on the map will determine who gets booted from their homes."

The Texas Dept. of Transportation (TxDOT) has confirmed the plans in the "Myth vs. Reality" section of a web site created to promote the TTC plans (see http://www.keeptexasmoving.org/faqs/myth_vs_reality.aspx).

"The video also focuses on the TTC contract that has been kept a secret for over a year. A lawsuit was filed in June of 2005 to keep the details from being made public. The attorney general ruled the contract must be made public over a year ago. Why is the deal still a secret after a whole year?" asked Costello.

(Cintra Zachry, LP and the TxDOT vs Greg Abbott, District Court of Travis County, GN502207.)

The site does not deny the concerns expressed by the opposition of thousands of angry Texans who have appeared at recent hearings. Instead it provides excuses and justifications for the actions that are planned, and actually confirms those plans.

"Their own web site clearly states that property will be taken through eminent domain, and that they plan to use ‘Quick Take' authorized by HB 3588 to force homeowners out in just 91 days. They even state that they plan to do this just as soon as the environmental process and public hearings are completed," explained Costello.

"They admit that large amounts of farm land will be divided by the TTC, but they excuse it away by saying they will build cross over roads and places for livestock to cross under. They also admit that hundreds of thousands of acres of properties will be taken off the tax roles, costing local governments in lost taxes," he added.

The TTC site responds to concerns that the right of "quick-take" will be used to take private property for the TTC project by explaining how quick-take works. It does not, however, deny that quick-take will be used.

"The state has attempted to create an illusion that there is nothing to worry about and the fears that have been expressed at hearings all over the state are unfounded. In reality a careful reading of their own web site reveals that the state has confirmed all those fears," said Costello.

Sal Costello
People for Efficient Transportation PAC


Perry victor would get an immediate opportunity to STOP TTC & Freeway to tollway conversion boondoggles.


Gov. Perry and his special interests Trans Texas Corridor pals are now in the process of privatizing our water. They will use the TTC’s mega pipelines to siphon the water, sell it to the highest bidder while Perry’s special interest pals profit.

Like the Regional Mobility Authorities who privatize and toll our local public highways (that have already been paid for) Perry’s unaccountable water bureaucracies siphon, privatize and profit from our water.

Some of the SAME local special interests that have been trying to profit from the Freeway Toll plan in Central Texas are deeply involved in the buying and selling our water for profit scheme, such as Winstead Consulting (Pete Winstead), Bury + Partners and Martin & Salinas Public Affairs.


"THIS IS A SHAM" From Statesman Letters to Editor Today

Red-light cameras bad idea

Re: Aug. 28 column by Austin City Council Member Jennifer Kim, "Let's test red-light cameras":

With all due respect to Kim, her elected position and her research, the red-light cameras plan is the dumbest idea I've heard since Gov. Rick Perry's toll-road boondoggle.

The citizens and environment of Austin would be infinitely better served if the city adjusted the lights to correspond with traffic flow instead of using dubious means to fill its coffers.

I cannot disagree more with Kim. Rather than promote safer streets, an increase in idling cars will result in further road rage and reckless driving in an already too-crowded metropolis. Don't we spend enough time in Austin stuck at red lights wasting precious oil and waiting on no one while the ineffective light system keeps us hampered from getting from point A to point B? This is a sham that I'm not buying.