Gov. Perry and his special interests Trans Texas Corridor pals are now in the process of privatizing our water. They will use the TTC’s mega pipelines to siphon the water, sell it to the highest bidder while Perry’s special interest pals profit.

Like the Regional Mobility Authorities who privatize and toll our local public highways (that have already been paid for) Perry’s unaccountable water bureaucracies siphon, privatize and profit from our water.

Some of the SAME local special interests that have been trying to profit from the Freeway Toll plan in Central Texas are deeply involved in the buying and selling our water for profit scheme, such as Winstead Consulting (Pete Winstead), Bury + Partners and Martin & Salinas Public Affairs.

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Gem Hudson said...

Trading for imports is not what we are exporting and borrowing all the more from what the state could not tax anymore. It isn't the state that is doing any dying from the deficit death. What we got is the good socialism tooth fairy syndrome as a fix it all monopolization A Robber Barons International Corporation.