County Commissioner Limmer and Convicted Criminal formally do business.

Williamson County Precinct 4
Commissioner Frankie Limmer

Williamson County Commissioner Frankie Limmer pushes the “Williamson County Mafia” envelope, and the arrogance, as he formally creates business partnerships with convicted criminal Pete Peters.

Convicted criminal Amos “Pete” Peters

As a CAMPO board member, Commissioner Frankie Limmer, voted to toll roads we’ve already paid for. Convicted criminal Amos “Pete” Peters, as per the Comptroller’s investigative report, has received NO BID toll road contracts from the toll authority, the unaccountable bureaucracy Frankie Limmer helped to create.

As brazen as it may sound, Texas Secretary of State records show both Commissioner Frankie Limmer and Amos “Pete” Peters as board members and managers of Round Rock Mallardwest, LLC and Taylor Mallardwest, LLC. Round Rock Mallardwest lists Providence Funeral Home as an associated entity.

Hey, what mafia would be complete without a funeral home under their control? Forgetaboutit!

Ted W Hejl (Taylor city attorney), Rodney L Hortenstine, Paul S Bennett, Gilbert Repa, John Nelson, Charlotte Albert are also listed as managers or board members of the above corporations.

County records also show Limmer as President of Limmer Construction and numerous properties being owned by Frankie Limmer and his wife Judy Limmer.

Back in 2003, the Austin Chronicle’s article “Commissioner Limmer's Private Business” focused on the ethics of Limmer being in a position to use privileged county information for profit:
“Williamson County Precinct 4 Commissioner Frankie Limmer assumed office in 1999. Since then he has expanded his real estate development activities in eastern Williamson County -- the area he represents on the court -- to include several major development companies currently building large housing subdivisions.

Several of Limmer's business associates are also doing business with the county: Charles Crossfield, the Round Rock city attorney who has been negotiating many of the rights-of-way acquisitions for the county's $350 million road-bond projects; Dan Hejl, of the consulting firm Hejl, Lee & Associates, has done engineering work for at least one of the county's road-bond projects within Limmer's precinct; and Ted Hejl, the Taylor city attorney, who has also recently been cut a host of county checks for road-related bond work.”
According to the Comptroller's investigation, Round Rock city attorney Charles Crossfield's Sheets & Crossfield received a NO BID contract for well over half a million dollars ($588,332.01) from the corrupt toll authority (CTRMA).

The article also states:
“In July 2002, Limmer formed Magellan Water LLC. According to an Oct. 28 article in the Austin Business Journal, Limmer founded Magellan in an effort to bring a $30 million water pipeline to Precinct 4 from the relatively untapped, 48,000-square-mile Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer. "Right now we don't have enough water to sustain economic development in eastern Williamson County," Limmer told ABJ. The article said that by that time, Magellan had raised more than $5 million in funding from investors and had secured three additional letters of intent from potential customers -- yet to date, Limmer has declined to name any of his partners or investors.
Also, from the Chronicle article:
"My problem with Limmer," said one observer of the Commissioners Court, "is that he is in a position to use privileged county information to line his own pockets."
Also read the Statesman 2002 investigative article (pre Ben Wear) “In Williamson, politics, roads and money mix”.

Read the Muckraker's “Convicted Criminal Connected to Freeway Tolls” (about Pete Peters).

Read the Muckraker's “Austin Toll Roads to fund Williamson County Freeways”.

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Lipserve said...

Frankie Limmer doesn't care if you know if he is corrupt or not. He doesn't care because no one will stop him from stealing. How great is that - from toll roads to county roads, jail contracts, you name it. Being on Williamson County Commissioner is a license to steal. Lately, Limmer is browbeating a family into selling their property to build a sewage plant -- so he can service his own property! And is applying politcal pressure to LCRA to get it done. The man is as low as you can go.