Tolling roads we’ve already paid for - In Afghanistan!

The guys in the photo must be the "Mike Heiligenstein",
"Pete Peters" and "Mike Krusee" of Kabul.
As usual, it looks like they are doing a dance
to gin up more unaccountable toll taxes.

Our Tax dollars paid for a road in Afghanistan.

Yup. Apparently we don’t have any money for roads here at home, but we can sure destroy, build and buy roads for other countries.

But, the authorities are having a problem with collection of the tolls on the Kabul-Kandahar toll road.

This NPR Report says that most Afgans don’t want to pay the toll because they associate tolls with corruption. Corruption? No Way!

Here’s the Afgan toll collection “problem”: There is only one shift of toll collectors at the toll plaza south of Kabul. So in the mid- afternoons drivers sleep, and wait for the toll collectors shift to end. And come 15:30 each day and the end of the toll collectors shift, scores of white-robed drivers stir, diesel engines rumble, and the trucks begin to roll, to drive free to Kandahar.

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