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Chris Bell campaign runs out of gas.


The Chris Bell campaign was caught in another lie yesterday
, as it told the media that it had bought enough media time for the last week of the election. It turns out they have no cash, and no media purchased for the last week.

A couple weeks ago, the Chris Bell Big Lies campaign said they would get $5 Million from John O'Quinn, enough to run a real campaign. The financial report from yesterday shows Bell received $1 Million, and another million as a loan from O'Quinn. 2 Million aint 5 Million.

Houston Chronicle this morning reports the Bell Campaign has run out of gas.

Chris Bell does not have the money to have a marked television presence in the gubernatorial campaign's final week. Because of the state's size, television ads are crucial for a statewide run. It costs $1 million to air an ad statewide for a week. Bell doesn't have 1 million, but he is 1 million in debt.

Chris Bell was simply an unfunded placeholder for 2006. If Bell steps aside and endorses Strayhorn, he could be a hero, instead of a zero.

No wonder Perry keeps pointing to the unfunded Bell as his main competitor. Yeah right.

"Please don' trow me in de briar patch," sez Perry.


HOT NEWS...QuorumReport.com Reports New Poll: STRAYHORN WITHIN 5 POINTS OF PERRY

A new poll was reported on QuorumReport.com Today:

According to McLaughlin & Associates, the governor's race has tightened dramatically, with Independent Carole Strayhorn within five points of incumbent Republican Governor Rick Perry.

The Strayhorn Campaign shared its most recent poll with QR this morning. The poll tested 600 likely voters on October 25th and 26th.

According to these numbers, the unusually large number of undecideds that other polls were registering early last week has begun to shrink dramatically. The McLaughlin poll says 8.2% are now undecided and a good number have migrated to Strayhorn. A solid 57% of undecideds are women.

The four way matchup numbers are:






ALSO... I've just seen a sneak preview of a great NEW Strayhorn TV ad called "Party Animals". It's fresh and smart, and sure to get the audiences attention! Look for it at the OneToughGrandma.com site and on your TV in the next few days!

Also, see this important Insurance Reform poll HERE. It shows the voters second choice with great graphics near the bottom half of the page. In the hypothetical runoffs, Perry beats Bell, and ONLY Strayhorn can beat Perry. No wonder Perry keeps saying Bell is his only competition! GET OUT AND VOTE FOR STRAYHORN. AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DO THE SAME!


A - Carole Keeton Strayhorn IND
C - Chris Bell DEM
C - Richard "Kinky" Friedman IND
D - James Werner LIB
F - Rick Perry - Incumbent REP
Read the complete CorridorWatch.org report card and details HERE


Krusee : "Toll roads are enormously popular."

Big Fat Looters List: Copy, Paste, Send to Others! Thanks Ralph!

These politicians are the people who brought you the

They voted to confiscate our land and roads
for special interest profits. (HB-3588)

Governor Rick Perry (R)

AG Commissioner Todd Staples (R), (Senate sponsor of Trans Texas Corridor bill)

TX Senators:

Dist 2 Bob Deuell (R)

Dist 5 Steve Ogden (R)

Dist 12 Jane Nelson (R)

Dist 15 John Whitmire (D)

Dist 17 Kyle Janek (R)

Dist 22 Kip Averitt (R) (Falls, McClennan, & Hill Co)

Dist 25 Jeff Wentworth (R)

Dist 29 Eliot Shapleigh (D)

Texas House of Representatives:

Dist 2 Dan Flynn (R)

Dist 4 Betty Brown (R)

Dist 7 Tommy Merritt (R)

Dist 8 Byron Cook (R)

Dist 15 Rob Eissler (R)

Dist 19 Mike Hamilton (R)

Dist 20 Dan Gattis (R) (Milam Co, northern Williamson Co)

Dist 24 Larry Taylor (R)

Dist 29 Glenda Dawson (R)

Dist 32 Gene Seaman (R)

Dist 45 Patrick M. Rose (D)

Dist 46 Dawnna Dukes (D)

Dist 50 Mark Strama (D)

Dist 52 Mike Krusee (R) (southern Williamson Co--author of TTC bill)

Dist 55 Dianne White Delisi (R) (Bell Co--co-author of TTC bill)

Dist 56 Charles "Doc" Anderson (R) (McClennan Co)

Dist 58 Rob Orr (R) (Bosque Co)

Dist 59 Sid Miller (R) (Coryell Co)

Dist 60 James L. "Jim" Keffer (R)

Dist 62 Larry Phillips (R)

Dist 64 Myra Crownover (R)

Dist 65 Burt Solomons (R)

Dist 69 David Farabee (D)

Dist 70 Ken Paxton (R)

Dist 81 G.E. "Buddy" West (R)

Dist 83 Delvin Jones (R)

Dist 84 Carl H. Isett (R)

Dist 86 John Smithee (R)

Dist 88 Warren Chisum (R)

Dist 89 Jodie Laubenberg (R)

Dist 96 Bill Zedler (R)

Dist 97 Anna Mowery (R)

Dist 98 Vicki Truitt (R)

Dist 99 Charlie Geren (R)

Dist 102 Tony Goolsby (R)

Dist 103 Rafael Anchia (D)

Dist 105 Linda Harper-Brown (R)

Dist 107 Bill Keffer (R)

Dist 108 Dan Branch (R)

Dist 112 Fred Hill (R)

Dist 113 Joe Driver (R)

Dist 114 Will Hartnett (R)

Dist 120 Ruth Jones McClendon (D)

Dist 121 Joe Straus (R)

Dist 122 Frank J. Corte Jr. (R)

Dist 123 Mike Villarreal (D)

Dist 127 Joe Crabb (R)

Dist 129 John E. Davis (R)

Dist 130 Corbin Van Arsdale (R)

Dist 132 Bill Callegari (R)

Dist 134 Martha Wong (R)

Dist 138 Dwayne Bohac (R)

Dist 144 Robert E. Talton (R)

Since these folks have worked so hard to give our land to the Spaniards,
I feel they deserve a vacation. Let's send them home.

Ralph E. Snyder
Holland, TX 76534


Caught on Tape! SA Toller campaign volunteer wrecks Toll Booth prop used during a campaign event! Click Here!

Demand Letter To Austin American Statesman

Demand Letter To
Rich Oppel, Editor of
Austin American Statesman
From My Attorney Bill Gammon

Law Office of William B. Gammon

Rich Oppel
Austin American-Statesman
P.O. Box 670
Austin, Texas 78767

Re: Sunday, October 22, 2006 Editorial Board endorsement

Dear Mr. Oppel:

I represent Sal Costello. He has brought to my attention the above-referenced editorial endorsement published in your newspaper on Sunday. The purpose of this letter is to give you an opportunity to publish a retraction of the malicious statements made in that editorial about my client.

The editorial states, incorrectly, that "Strayhorn tossed Costello $15,000 in three $5,000 payments in February, March and September of this year." Had you bothered to perform the most basic of ethical journalistic practices and made any attempts to confirm the assertions made in your editorial, you would know that Mr. Costello has never taken any money from anyone for the work he does in opposition to the wasteful, unfair toll road scheme being foisted upon Texans by the man you chose to endorse.

Your verifiably false statements, however, are not the entirety of Mr. Costello’s complaint. If they were, you would not be reading this letter. By themselves they are hardly worth mentioning. Your regrettable tendency to editorialize first and seek the truth later is well known and has been publicly criticized: http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Issue/story?oid=oid%3A104681. (In sharp contrast to your work of recent years, Mr. Costello’s assertions are scrupulously fact-checked prior to publication.) Instead, your editorial goes far beyond mere fabrication of pecuniary advantage directed at a man who, unlike the object of your fawning, editorial praise, has worked for years without making back room deals with anyone or has ever received any form of compensation for his efforts. The unmasked venom displayed in your editorial is unremarkable from a newspaper that endorses the plan to levy unfair taxation on Texans by forcing them to pay tolls on highways they have already paid taxes to build. I suggest, sir, that instead it is you, your newspaper, and your "editorial board" who stand to gain from your efforts to villainize Mr. Costello.

Your personal animosity towards Sal Costello is a well-known fact. Sunday’s libelous editorial is but another in a series of actions taken by you to thwart the efforts of a man who has had the temerity to expose those who seek personal profit at the expense of the citizens of Texas. This time, sir, you have gone too far and it is time that you recognize and apologize for your excesses.

Even the casual reader of your endorsement editorial cannot help but notice that it is only Mr. Costello who has been singled out as a target for your malice. Your description of him is a blatant exercise in defamation. You characterize his work as exploitation, employ charged language such as "he traffics in old divorce cases" and "smearing his opponents" and attempt to reduce his efforts to "the lowest denominator of public debate." Ironically and tellingly, you fail to mention that it was Mr. Costello who brought to light the existence of the hidden contracts that became the subject of your single, weakly-phrased criticism of your candidate. Incredibly, your entire criticism of Carole Strayhorn is her alleged support of Sal Costello, as if he were such a pariah that mere association with him has contaminated an otherwise qualified candidate for governor. It would be hard to imagine a more open display of ill will.

On behalf of Mr. Costello I demand that you publish a full apology and retraction of your defamatory editorial comments against him in the same editorial section you used to libel him.

You may choose to disagree with Mr. Costello’s objective to make transportation and other public policymakers accountable. You may choose to disapprove of his willingness to investigate and expose those who hold themselves out as worthy of public trust and the mantle of leadership. You may choose to continue your support of those who have demonstrated their readiness to breach that trust. If, however, you choose to ignore this demand or attempt to avoid your responsibility by publishing a retraction that is insufficient to correct the character assassination in which you have engaged it will be my distinct pleasure to take legal action on behalf of Mr. Costello to redress your excesses.

Very truly yours,

William B. Gammon

Shoot me an email, and let me
know what YOU think.



P. Stern: What Editor Rich Oppel Doesn't Know Could Fill His Newspaper!

WACO TRIBUNE Endorses Carole Keeton Strayhorn!

"Texas needs a change of leadership. Strayhorn is the person for the job." – Waco Tribune Herald


LARGEST PAPER IN TEXAS, Houston Chronicle Endorses Strayhorn! (Click here to read)

Perry's TTC is the Start of the NAFTA Superhighway: One million Americans to lose their homes

One million Americans to lose their homes or businesses to foreign, privately owned company

North American Union
Point of View Commentary
by Kerby Anderson

I want to talk to you about the establishment of a North American Union and the building of the NAFTA Superhighway. These issues are going to be given a great deal more prominence in the news in the next few weeks. For example, there will be a press conference next week at the National Press Club. Attending will be such people as Howard Phillips, Jerome Corsi, Phyllis Schlafly, as well as members of the House of Representatives who have introduced a resolution (H. CON. RES. 487) calling for an investigation into the North American Union and the NAFTA Superhighway System. The sponsors of the bill are Virgil Goode, Jr. (R-VA), Walter Jones (R-NC), Tom Tancredo (R-CO), and Ron Paul (R-TX).

Let me give you some background on these issues. It all started with a meeting in Waco, TX on March 23, 2005 with President George Bush, Mexican President Vincente Fox, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. At the end of the meeting they announced the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Some people in the press reported it, but no one thought much of it until people began to read the details of the agreement.

Essentially, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (or SPP as most people call it) created a new administrative infrastructure that could transfer these three countries into a North American Union similar to the European Union. And this was done without a treaty and without a vote in Congress.

But don't take my word for this. As we say on "Point of View" so often, read it for yourself. The Department of Commerce has developed a website: www.spp.gov. You can go there and read more about this. You can also print out this commentary and look up the endnotes to find more reading material on this than you might imagine.

If you go to the SPP website and read some of the material, you will find that the SPP has created "20 different working groups spanning a wide variety of issues ranging from e-commerce, to aviation policy, to borders and immigration." They have produced a number of memorandums of understanding as well as trilateral declarations of agreement. These new trilateral agreements essentially rewrite our administrative law so that it can be harmonized and integrated with these two other countries. And these working groups report to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez.

This plan was spelled out in detail in a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) 59-page document called "Building a North American Community." It describes a five-year plan for the "establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community" with a common "outer security perimeter." The entire task force report of 175-pages is available at www.cfr.org from the Council on Foreign Relations.

So what does this mean to the United States? Here are two examples that Jerome Corsi uses to explain what this would mean to our country. The first is the issue of open skies. The Department of Transportation has agreed to give our GPS system and our wide area navigation system to Canada and Mexico. That means that Mexican and Canadian air traffic controllers will be able to direct airplanes into our air space and land them in our airports as if they are landing them in their own countries. Now in order to do that safely, they also need to know how to identify U.S. military aircraft. So you can see, we will be giving away quite a bit of technology and information.

The second example is the idea known as "trusted trader-trusted traveler." The SPP working groups I just mentioned have announced that they will give biometric cards to all Americans, Mexicans, and Canadians to identify them as trusted North American travelers. Remember the goal here is to erase the borders between Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The North American Union will supposedly protect the perimeter of North America but will essentially remove the borders between these three countries. If you think about this, it will change the nature of the immigration debate. Mexicans who have these biometric cards and come to the United States by definition won't be illegal immigrants.

These working groups provide for the designation of a trusted trader. There is talk about putting a Sentri electronic devices in their trucks so that it would only take a few seconds to cross the US-Mexican border in Laredo, Texas. In a sense, it would be like using an EasyPass on one of our toll roads in America.

That brings us to the other issue: the NAFTA superhighway. The Texas segment (known as the Trans-Texas Corridor) will begin construction next year. You can read about this at a Texas Department of Transportation website: www.keeptexasmoving.com.
In April 2006, TxDOT released a 4000-page Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that describes a corridor that will be 1200 feet wide (the size of four football fields). It will parallel Interstate 35, and be five lanes north and five lanes south (3 cars, 2 trucks). In the middle will be pipelines and rail lines. It will also have a 200-foot wide utility corridor.

The corridor will start in Laredo, Texas run past Austin to the Texas-Oklahoma border. However the plans ultimately call for building some 4,000 miles of highway-railway-utility super-corridors throughout Texas over the next 50 years, using some 584,000 acres of what is now Texas farm and ranchland, at an estimated cost of $184 billion.

The project will be financed by Cintra Concesiones de Infraestrusturas in Spain and a San Antonio construction company Zachary Construction Corp. Cintra is an investment consortium owned by the Juan Carlos family in Spain that will collect the tolls. That's right the money for this project will go to Spain. Eventually, this NAFTA superhighway will ultimately connect through Kansas City into Canada.

This NAFTA superhighway will connect with ports in Mexico (specifically Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas) for NAFTA trade. "The plan is to ship containers of cheap goods produced by under-market labor in China and the Far East into North America via Mexican ports. From the Mexican ports, Mexican truck drivers and railroad workers will transport the goods across the Mexican border with Texas. Once in the U.S., the routes will proceed north to Kansas City along the NAFTA Super-Highway, ready to be expanded by the Trans-Texas Corridor, and NAFTA railroad routes being put in place by Kansas City Southern."

The advantage to retail companies like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Home Depot (to mention a few) is enormous. Currently the cost of shipping and ground transportation can nearly double the cost of cheap labor and slave labor from China and the Far East. China will be able to unload these huge cargo ships in these deep water ports in Mexico and bypass much of those costs. Mexican workers undercut the Longshoreman Union port employees on the docks of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Mexican truck drivers undercut the Teamsters. And U.S. truckers and railways will no longer be needed to move goods across the Rocky Mountains.

Oh, by the way, these Mexican ports will be controlled by the Chinese communists through a company we have talked about before on "Point of View." The company is Hutchison-Whampoa. This name should sound familiar. Hutchison Ports Holding owns Panama Ports Company which controls both ends of the Panama Canal.

The Chinese are also working to deepen and widen the Panama Canal so they can sail their enormous container ships to Florida and travel north through another corridor. Ultimately, the plan is to have seven of these corridors in the United States.

And while I am talking about the Panama Canal, I might mention that the man who is considered the father of the North American Union is Robert Pastor. And if that name sounds familiar it should. He is the man who proposed that the United States give away the Panama Canal during Jimmy Carter's presidency. He was the co-chair of the May 2005 CFR report, "Building a North American Community."

So how will the North American Union be put in place? There is good evidence to show that this plan will implemented the same way it was done in Europe: incrementally. There will be various bureaucratic regulations to eventually transform the United States, Canada, and Mexico the way Europe was transformed into the European Union from the Common Market. In fact, Robert Pastor has proposed that we get rid of the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Mexico peso. Instead we will have what he calls the amero (just like Europeans have the euro).

Just recently (September 12-14, 2006) there was a secret meeting in Banff , Alberta. Apparently its goal was to bring representatives from the three countries to advance the cause of the North American Union. You can read about these proceedings in a recent article that provides both the agenda and the attendee list.

Those who have been investigating this have also been filing Freedom of Information Act requests. Much of this information is posted on www.judicialwatch.com, and additional materials will soon be posted at www.minutemanproject.com. They show memos of governmental officials discussing how our laws can be changed or how the laws of Canada or Mexico can be changed so that we would have North American laws.

So what should we do? First, we need to educate ourselves and pass this information on to others who would also be concerned about the loss of American sovereignty. The success in defeating the Dubai Ports issue (as well as other initiatives) demonstrates that once the American people know what is going on, they call and write their legislators. Get a copy of this commentary from our website and distribute it. Go to the references and endnotes that I provide to get additional information.

Second, find out where your elected representatives stand. Do they support a North American Union or do they support American sovereignty? It is better to find out before the elections.
Those of you in Texas should also ask the candidates for governor and other elected officials where they stand on the NAFTA superhighway. Eventually there will be 4,000 miles of highway. The state will use eminent domain to take this land. Under the Supreme Court Kelo decision, they can take that land even though the superhighway will be built for private benefit. Some have estimated that up to one million people in Texas may lose their land or their business under this eminent domain action. Where do these Texas candidates stand on this issue?
Third, express your support for the resolution (H. CON. RES. 487) introduced by Representatives Goode, Jones, Tancredo, and Paul. Its says that the United States should not enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada. And it says that the United States should not engage in the construction of a NAFTA Superhighway System.

We can win this battle with education and action. Go to www.pointofview.net (or StopPerry.com) to get more information and get involved in this crucial battle.


Victoria Advocate Endorses Strayhorn

"Rick Perry is one of the least effective governors in Texas history."

– Victoria Advocate


DALLAS TV NEWS: StopPerry.com makes TTC hot issue in governor's race story!

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Chris Bell, has recently stepped up his rhetoric as he now
says he opposes Perry’s Trans Texas Corridor, since it’s become popular to do so. But, the cat is now out of the bag.

THE TRUTH OF BELLS SUPPORT FOR THE TTC WAS EXPOSED by a recent live radio interview with Ron Thulin of KAHL in San Antonio.

While I was live on the air with Ron Thulin yesterday, pushing our launch of the StopPerry.com TV ad campaign this week, I was shocked when Ron told me how he had exposed Chris Bell’s support of the TTC. Chris Bell tried to flip flop, panicked, stuttered, and quickly change the subject, as a guilty man would.

Here are Chris Bells own words in support of the corridor, unedited, from the Dallas Morning News February 2006 Voters Guide (http://www.vgt2004.org/a-dallas06/candidate-detail.go?id=3170238):

Dallas Morning News Question: Are you satisfied with current plans for funding high-speed rail as an integral component of the Trans-Texas corridor? Please explain.

Chris Bells Answer: I think high-speed rail has an important place in our state’s long-term transportation plans, and I will support efforts to speed up the timetable for introducing high-speed rail here in Texas. Texas should not have to wait until 2025 to begin real development on the rail component of the TTC.
The rail portion (NOT light rail) of the TTC is
built after the foreign controlled toll roads
take 580,000 acres of private and state land.


Chris Bell was beginning to be successful at tricking many radio stations across Texas who erroneously repeated Bell’s claim that he was the ONLY candidate against the Trans Texas Corridor.

Bell based this lie on a grain of sand, smoke and some mirrors. Boring Bell saw a report Strayhorn had produced years ago which mentioned using limited traditional toll roads, where tolls pay for the road you drive on. Our group has not opposed traditional toll roads, we’ve been very clear that we oppose tolls on roads we’ve already paid for. Tolling roads we’ve already paid for is Rick Perry’s scam to tax us for something we’ve already been taxed for, creating corporate welfare slush funds. Funded freeways have never been tolled in the history of the country.

Bell took this lie to a whole other level and claimed Strayhorn supported the TTC. None of Bell’s claims were true, as they have been built on a crafty imagination of a man that is known for doing nothing and used as a placeholder for the Gov. campaign.

FACT: Strayhorn has received the support of 100% of the anti TTC and all “no tolls on roads we’ve already paid for” groups throughout Texas. Not one of these citizen groups in Texas supports Bell, and rightly so. Strayhorn has done more than talk, she’s already delivered results, and that’s why we ALL endorse her.

While Strayhorn has been the only state official fighting the corruption with us over the past years, Gov. Perry has created his boondoggles with dirty Republicans and dirty Democrats who want to ignore the public and eat at the special interest trough.

A reminder, since 2004 our multi-partisan citizen PAC has supported and fought for only independent thinking Republicans (such as Keel, Marcias, and Latham) and independent thinking Democrats (Howard, Coleman and Eckhardt), the good guys and gals are a rare breed indeed.

Boring Bell also failed to show up at dozens of TTC hearings that Strayhorn has taken the time to attend across Texas, along with thousand of Texans who fear loosing their homes to Perry’s TTC foreign profit making scheme. Chris Bell also failed to show up, after being invited, to any of our important anti-TTC events across the state. Most of these events, especially our largest one, Tunes not Tolls, took place before we made any endorsement decisions.

CRIPS AND BLOODS. Why has Chris Bell failed to say he’ll stop the TTC or have any alternative? The corrupt portion of the democrat party machine, desperate to regain power, will most probably want to move into Perry’s TTC territory, profit and sell Texas for their own gain. Sadly, this opinion is simply based on what the two parties have been doing since they were born.


A couple weeks ago, Bell’s frustrated, desperate and delusional campaign, at the bottom of every reputable poll was beating its chest about a poll that finally came out showing them in second place.

The Bell campaign quickly sent out press releases, how it was now 5 points away from Perry, and claiming Strayhorn’s campaign was dead.

Like the rest of “Chris Bell’s Big Lies”, Bell just can’t be honest with Texans - The poll Bell bragged about was an online interactive poll that is easily manipulated by having supporters ask to be part of the poll.

I’m sure Bell can get 100% of the vote. If you poll his campaign office and his mom.

I found this text about the online poll: "...database of individuals who have registered to take part in online polls through solicitations on the company's Web site as well as other Web sites that span the political spectrum". Some candidates have actually altered this feeble poll by telling their supporters to go to the poll to deliberately skew the data. Shame on Chris Bell, for tricking Texans.

The latest “news” from the desperate Chris Bell campaign is about Chris Bell calling Kinky, to beg him to drop out of the race. Kinky said no.

The simple fact is Texas is a huge state, millions are needed to communicate with millions of Texans via TV. Professional consultants will tell you that at least one million a week is needed to communicate effectively via TV, to have any success in a Statewide campaign. Of course it takes more than money, but money is a real world communications factor.

This week, Chris Bell, finally got funded, a little. One attorney contributed 1 million dollars and a promise to find more. I’m sure Bell will declare that the race is over says he’s the new Governor and president of the universe. FYI: Four years ago about 100 million was spent in the Governors race by the Perry and Sanchez campaigns.

As of this week, Strayhorn has 5 million on hand, and I think Perry has 8 or 9 million. Kinky has zero millions.

The usual Democratic big dollar contributors, who want to remove the Rick Perry cancer, also abandoned Chris Bell from the start. These contributors have sent their precious dollars to Strayhorn instead of Bell from day one.

The united contributors put out a MEMO yesterday, explaining how only Strayhorn can beat Perry—and that Bell and Kinky cannot win even if they had all the money in the world.


Governor Perry and Chris Bell won’t let Texans vote on large issues. Both oppose I & R.

Perry and Bell won’t let us vote on the largest land-grab in Texas history, or vote for or against tolls on roads we’ve already paid for. And now Perry and Bell don’t want the citizens of Texas to have a voice on the seizure of a half-million acres of Texas private property.

Strayhorn is the only candidate that supports I & R (75% agree we need it), Strayhorn will fight to let Texans have a voice.


Perry and Bell have not only spread lies about Strayhorn, but they have attacked our citizens group. They have told the press that our two-and-a-half year-old grass roots group is a ‘Strayhorn Campaign front’. Nothing could be farther from the truth! We’ve been fighting these elected crooks since 2004. We’ve worked with and endorsed many candidates who want Texans to have a voice over special interest profits.

And get this new absurd rumors Bell and/or Perry is trying to sell to the press: I with the minutemen! Sure all that spare time of mine I run down to the border with some guns. Pathetic!

Perry and Bell have even said that I’ve been paid off in exchange for our support of Strayhorn. I’ve used $30,000 of my savings, to build our group, and I’ve donated up to 50 hrs a week for the past 2.5 years (which has been a hardship on my family). I’ve not been paid a dime from Strayhorn, or anyone else to do this work. I’ve also not been paid by our PAC. Heck, a couple years ago I was driving a brand new Audi TT sports car. Today, I drive a 1988 Dodge Raider that is falling apart. I don’t pay myself so we can go after the bad guys with every penny we get.

Perry and Bell have also attacked our coalition partners, like Terri Hall with the San Antonio Toll Party. Terri is a mother and homeschooler of five kids!!! with a sixth on the way, who also fights for Texans without pay.

We do this work because it must be done, paid or not. Perry and Bell never heard of the word “selfless “.

Strayhorn is the ONLY candidate with a no land grab alternative. Strayhorn is the only Candidate that will stop Perry’s double tax tolls in their tracks! Carole, the only woman in the race has also been the only candidate to expose Perry’s $2,000 property tax cut lie. Strayhorn is the only candidate with the endorsement of the two largest Texas Teachers Groups, and she has a plan to secure our borders, improve our schools and allow affordable health care for Texans.

When will Perry answer the crucial question asked during last Fridays Governors debate (by reporter Christine Haas, KVUE-TV Austin) about the ‘three central figures of Cintra’ giving Perry’s campaign ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’, while the TTC deal worth Billions, relies on our public assets and taking private land from Texas families to sweeten the corporate welfare pot?

UPDATED - see the comment area below before you click here! WE LAUNCH StopPerry.com TV Spots!

click here to see the 30 sec TV
ad that starts running today!


ALERT: Make sure you click on the
comments below this article.



From QuorumReport.com


Perry campaign questions credibility of poll

Carole Keeton Strayhorn has pulled within seven points of Gov. Rick Perry and has solidified her position in second place, according to internal polling data released by the Strayhorn campaign.

Perry polled 34.9 percent with Strayhorn at 28 percent. Kinky Friedman, meanwhile, held a slight lead over Chris Bell, 15.4 percent to 15.1 percent. Another 6.6 percent were undecided.

The phone poll of 800 likely voters was conducted earlier this week by McLaughlin & Associates. The poll’s margin of error was 3.5 percent, said Strayhorn spokesman Mark Sanders.

Perry campaign spokesman Robert Black blasted the internal polling numbers as unreliable. "The first sure sign that a campaign is going in the tank is when they start releasing phony poll numbers to try and convince voters they’re still relevant," he said. "Another sign that their campaign is flattening is when they leave up their latest attack ad a week before putting up warm and fuzzy ads."

According to Sanders, the poll is significant because it shows Strayhorn gaining ground while support for Perry slips. He said their previous polling showed Perry at 40.4 percent and Strayhorn at 20 percent.

Strayhorn’s poll mirrors the Texans for Insurance Reform PAC poll released earlier this week, which likewise showed support for Perry dropping from above 40 percent to the mid-30s. That poll showed Strayhorn’s support moving upward significantly from the mid-teens to almost 20 percent.

NEXT TUESDAY: Our Biggest News Yet... : )

STATESMAN: "How about an ad showing the overtaxed Austin driver pulverizing Dash with a ballpeen hammer?"


Does PBS&J Fraud Extend to City of Austin?

A federal grand jury
is looking into PBS&J for reimbursing it's employees for political contributions.

City of Austin Councilman Brewster McCracken's 30th Day before election (2006) report includes contributions from at least three PBS&J employees. Brewster is planning to run for Mayor. Brewster voted for tolls on roads we've already paid for in 2004 & 2005.

Two of them actually use PBS&J's address. Here are the names and addresses.

Keith and Joyce Jackson
6504 Bridge Point Parkway, Suite 200
Austin, Tx. 78730

Robert McCarty
6504 Bridge Point Parkway, Suite 200
Austin, Tx. 78730

Paul Jensen
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Fort Bend, TX could be getting money back, as TxDOT is. A source has told me they would not be surprised if the City of Austin is due 2 million in refunds from PBS&J, who has been involved in at least 36 million in Fraud.

Is anyone at the City of Austin looking into PBS&J Fraud?

Strayhorn on the Rise...The Big Mo? (Not MoFo)

BurkBlog goes into more details about the latest poll that shows Perry moving down and Strayhorn making headway:

Here are the results, with the August numbers in parentheses:

Perry 33% (41%)
Strayhorn 20% (14%)
Friedman 14% (13%)
Bell 13% (13%)
Undecided 19% (20%)

The poll shows an 8-point drop by Perry and a 6-point rise by Strayhorn. The results could be interpreted to validate pre-Labor Day assertions by the Strayhorn campaign that the inability of the Bell and Friedman camps to raise enough money to go up on TV and stay on for nine weeks would transform a four-way race into a head-to-head race by early October. If that occurs, an interesting cross-tab in the poll involves this question: "There is no runoff in the Governor's race--whoever gets the most votes wins. But, suppose there were a runoff and the candidates were Republican Rick Perry and independent Carole Strayhorn. Which would you probably vote for?" The result:

Strayhorn 42.9%
Perry 41.7%

The key to the election right now is Democratic voters. Bell's 13% represents about half of the Democratic base vote. If the missing half cares more about beating Perry than about party loyalty, the race could get very interesting....


This just posted at Quorumreport.com

October 4, 2006 2:09 PM
Strayhorn shows the most movement in ballot test question

While all polls have shown incumbent Governor Rick Perry holding solidly ahead of his three challengers with numbers from the low to high 30% range.

The only polling that has been generally available have been from out of state operations like Zogby and Rasmussen, both of which have their own idiosyncracies.

So far, no poll has seriously tested second choices which could be decisive if the so-called "anybody but Perry" vote were to solidify behind one of the three most prominent challengers.

Texans for Insurance Reform PAC (which is largely funded by individual trial lawyers) has just posted poll results testing 603 voters using the same methodology utilized for decades. The posting is not a simple executive summary with bullet points. Instead TIR has posted the questions and cross tabs giving the most complete picture to date of the race. They have also posted the results of previous polls in order to establish trend lines

Most importantly, they have explored the all-important "second choice" question.

The rest of the story, subscribers only

A few more letters from Texans to Gov. Perry about the TTC from yesterday:

I'm sorry I ever voted for a SOB like you.


How can you say you represent the people of Texas? Shame, shame, shame on you Gov. Perry!
– Margie of Waco, TX

I guess you think all texas people follow the republican party and the bush family blindly!!! We are watching in more & more places ; stop this land grab for a foreign country ( mexico ) we do not owe then a living and there is no reason for us to sell the rights to a toll road to a foreign power.
Jerry of Sweetwater, TX

I am simply horrified at this TOLL ROAD RIP-OFF! The voters in Texas --especially those whose farms will be affected by this proposal should have been advised and had a chance to VOTE for changes THIS drastic to their --make that OUR way of life!
– Helene of Elgin, TX

Edmund of Bartlett, TX

You should be spending our money on finding ways to help our poor and keeping those poeple from crossing our borders and stealing all our jobs and making us poor. My Father-in law has always said that the hispanics would take Texas back without a shot ringing out.....well sir, just look around you.........stop waisting the money we pay you ......
– Carol of Boerne, TX

This blatant disregard for our state is shameful. As an Aggie I ask you quit calling yourself one. No true Aggie would be handing over control of any roads in this state to foreign interests nor ignoring the land rights of its citizens.
– Julie of Cedar Park, TX

Since there is no logical reason to build such transportation corridor--other than to make it a part of a continent spanning highway to erase borders and the sovrenity of the United States, I object. To have started it with out public knowledge is treasonous. You should be impeached.
– Albert of Burleson, TX

Rogene of North Richland Hills, TX

Governor Perry has completely lost sight of his fiduciary responsibility to act on the behalf of his constituencies. He has failed us, the voters of Texas, in many ways during his tenure in office. The thought of privatizing and tolling of Texas freeways is repulsive, and unnecessary. I
don't know what kind of kick-backs the governor is receiving from this, or what "buddly-list" he is playing for, but his actions most certainly do not represent the voting majority of Texans. We will refuse to be double-taxed (the public is NOT a corporate entity), and "our" land is not for-sale for the ridiculous Trans-Texas Corridor, for which our leader is pushing his own political propoganda. We, the voter's of Texas will take a firm stand againt Perry to ensure the future viability and prosperity of this great state.
– With much disgust, Matt of Lubbock, TX

I've already written to you once before regarding the highway 121 toll project that I disagree with. Here you are again, trying to take more of our money. I remeber when the national gas tax went up 5 cents to take care of our roads and highways. Where did it go?...Boston's Big Dig. And you wonder why so many people are fed up with you and the other republicans?
Steven of McKInney, TX

I think the 90 day notice to vacate scheme is really clever and would only come from our Texas Legislature. I am promoting no incumbents this election.
– Walter of Plano, TX

I'm a rancher and rather lay my life on the line then let anyone steal my land and that what it is stealing.
– Erika of san benito, TX

Political theives like you should be rode hard, horsewiped, and put up wet before all the people of this great state. We all know that polliticians rake money off the people, but you give politicians a bad name.
– Ed of Lufkin, TX

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