Jeff Fleece: M.I.A. Mark Strama: "I've got to be someone's bitch."

In the 2002 election when precinct chairman Don Zimmerman gave money and worked tirelessly to turn out record numbers of voters for the 2002 primary election and runoff, Jeff Fleece literally stayed home. Jeff Fleece was M.I.A.

Jeff Fleece DID NOT VOTE in the same primary he is now asking voters to help him in, nor did he vote in the 2002 runoff election for the office he now seeks. Jeff Fleece was M.I.A.

While Don Zimmerman organized, led and partially financed the fight to make sure taxpayer dollars were being spent responsibly, Jeff Fleece couldn't even be bothered to vote in the March 2005 RRISD bond election, which had by far the largest turnout ever in a RRISD bond election. Jeff Fleece was M.I.A.
Don Zimmerman, an independent maverick, has been active with People for Efficent Transportation for nearly 2 years in the fight against tolling roads we've already paid for. Zimmerman filled out the comprehensive double tax toll Questionnaire from People for Efficient Transportation with flying colors.

Jeff Fleece failed to fill out or return his questionnaire. Jeff Fleece is M.I.A.

Why is it important that Don Zimmerman wins?

Jeff Fleece has failed to tell folks any details of where he stands. The reason Fleece has been so mysterious and MIA is - he's is a puppet for the establishment. He'll vote the way they tell him to when the time comes. He'll vote for the establishments new hidden taxes - like tolls on roads we've already paid for - when they tell him to.

We need Zimmerman, and independent thinking candidate who has been a proven leader and has fought for the people. We need Zimmerman to keep our public highways from being privatized and tolled.

We need Zimmerman to run against State Rep. Mark "Double Tax" Strama.


As a candidate two years ago, Mark Strama promised to vote against all freeway toll legislation.

Then, Mark Strama turn his back on his promises and voted with Mike "Toll Road King" Krusee every time on freeway tolling legislation in the last session. Every Time.

MARK STRAMA LIED AGAIN and voted to toll roads we've already paid for as a member of CAMPO in 2005! After one of the CAMPO meetings last year, Mark Strama told myself and Matt Turner (who I had just met) that he voted with House Transportation Chair Mike Krusee on the freeway toll bills because "I'm a Democrat in a Republican house. It's kind of like being in prison and I've got to be someone's bitch."

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