Brewster McCracken's $ecret deals will cost us all real money.

Yesterdays Statesman article about Brewster "Special Interest" McCracken challengers, taking him on, failed to mention a couple of crucial items.

After McCracken voted to toll roads we've already paid for in 2004, the article said he changed his mind in 2005.

But, this so called "revelation" of the Robin Hood Toll Roads is absolute nonsense. Brewster McCracken voted again, in 2005, to toll gas tax funded roads. The Statesman failed to mention that simple fact.

Two of the past three public monthly meetings of Brewster's "Independent Review" have been canceled.

Over the past year, Brewster McCracken was able to stack the deck of the steering committee with pro-tollers. It's an absolute sham because the tollers, like McCracken, Strama and Daugherty have hijacked the study.

Not surprisingly, McCracken's finance report shows how the toll lobby (including RECA members, past RECA presidents and a toll authority board member Lowell Lebermann) have thanked him with campaign dollars for ignoring the people and helping to push the toll plan.

Read about Brewster McCracken's "Independent Review" sham HERE.

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