Austin Council's Court Ordered Rewrite is Today.

This is the proposed language sent to Council for today's court-ordered rewrite at 10AM at the City Council (Ceasar Chavez and Lavaca):

“Proposition 1-- Shall the City of Austin Charter be amended to place certain public documents on the Internet, to place additional information on the Internet to the greatest extent practical and protective of privacy, to ensure that public records are archived, to open certain new information when requested under the Public Information Act including police misconduct records, and to conduct public meetings to negotiate economic development agreements and the police meet and confer contract?”
Glen Maxey, former state representative and plaintiff in the suit, said that "The city has a chance to make democracy work." We will find out what the council does starting at 10. Will Brewster McCracken and the other special interest council members follow the law and the will of the people with balanced language?

Anything is possible (But don't hold your breath).

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Anonymous said...

The ballot should contain the full language, or at least the full language should be included for reference at polling stations. I would love to see a voter initiative to make this true.