I file a formal complaint on State Rep. Mike Krusee.

Special interest politicians are like cancer. Democrats like Mark Strama and Dawnna Dukes, and Republicans like Gerald Daugherty and Mike Krusse want to create a new drivers tax by tolling public highways for the first time in the United States. This ROBIN HOOD Road plan funds Williamson County free roads with toll revenue from Austin's freeway tolls.

Almost two weeks ago, on this Muckraker blog, I pointed out that State Rep. Mike Krusee's personal financial disclosure's fails to describe his sources of occupational income. A violation of Texas law.

On 3/29/06, I filed a formal complaint (Sworn Complaint SC-260399) with the Texas Ethics Commission with the following statements:

  • In 2005 Mike Krusee lists Paramount Document retrieval at 550 Westcott, Houston, TX 77007 as his employer and lists "Executive Vice President", yet Secretary of State lists "David M. Hasha" as Vice President.
  • In 2004 Krusee listed "Legal Services" as nature of occupation, yet Mr. Krusee is not an attorney, nor does he hold ANY college degree.
  • In 2003 Krusee claimed to be self employed and lists "consultant". This limited description hardly describes the "nature of the occupation.

Since this formal complaint, I received a letter dated 4/4/06 from the Texas Ethics Commission stating they have accepted my complaint and they have "jurisdiction over the violation of law alleged in the sworn complaint. The complaint alleges that personal financial statements that you (Krusee) filed fail to properly report your sources of occupational income, including the nature of the occupation, in violation of section 572.023(b)(1) of the Government Code".

Mike Krusee has 10 days to respond in writing and under oath. Failure to respond will constitute a separate violation for which a civil penalty may be assessed. I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Kruse's action$ (both toll roads and rail) have reeked of $pecial($elf)-interes$t$ conspiring against the common good "for the people." Kruse tried to pro-long the terms of Perry political CRTMA appointees/co-conspirators (i.e., Tesch) who have leeched on public funds repeatedly through (e.g., student) loan defaults and multiple bankruptcy filings -- some ethical businessman! No doubt, Kruse has worked against local gas tax proposals lieu tolls even though local gas taxes would save local constituents 95+% the cost of any inflationary toll road infrastructure. After promoting any of his own self-serving toll/rail proposals, Kruse has repeatedly and left CAMPO meetings early to cowardly avoid confronting citizens' comments and queries. Both Kruse and Perry need to follow the likes of Sonleiter and Delay out the door and face approriate investigation and consequences. Thanks Sal for uncovering some of Kruse's source of stench that he's been spreading all over Texas and the hard-working "people" whose trust has been violated.