Early voting for the City Election starts in 10 Days!

Tell everyone to FIRE
Brewster "Toller Weasel" McCracken!

Word of mouth will be key in removing one of the biggest weasels our city council has ever seen. We need YOU to tell everyone you know to vote and FIRE Brewster McCracken from office in this City Election.

Brewster "Double Tax" McCracken:

• Voted to toll roads we've already paid for in 2004 & 2005.
• Hijacked the Independent toll road study with other tollers (like Enron auditing Enron).
• Lied again by failing to broadcast toll road study public hearings.
• Was ringleader for crafting ballot language Judge found to be illegal (to keep his back room deals a secret!)
• Recommend the Beautiful Guerrero Park site for a water treatment plant!

Go! Go! Kedron Touvell!!!
(KEED-ruhn too-VELL)

We've just endorsed Kedron Touvell as our finest champion to stop Brewster McCracken and his Robin Hood tolls on roads we've already paid for. Kedron Touvell has gained momentum in the past 2 weeks to put himself ahead of the other candidates in the McCracken race, by accumulating numerous endorsements, including ours. Kedron doesn't have $70,000 special interest dollars in his campaign as Brewster McCracken does. So we need you to help tell everyone to FIRE McCracken.

(Find out more about Kedron here:

Even if you don't remember Kedron's name when you talk with folks, it's OK because any vote, for any candidate EXCEPT Brewster McCracken gets Kedron Touvell closer to a run off. There are 3 candidates running against Brewster, if Brewster gets less than 50%, there is automatically a run-off between Brewster McCracken and whoever gets the second amount of votes.

YOU can show McCracken and his special interest crooks that word of mouth can be more powerful than McCracken's $70,000 toller campaign war chest, IF WE ALL START FLAPPING OUR LIPS right away. It's up to you.


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