Toll Call Center Question and Answer

Hello Texas Toll Party,

I threw my resume onto Monster.com last week. I have telephone call center experience. I got a message from a Karen last Friday. She left her number of 415-7677 and said she had a potential job for me. I called.

Karen works for a firm called ETC. They are opening an Austin based phone call center to call people to support the tolls.

I told her right up I was anti-toll road and we both laughed. She was nice. But soon some call center will open to call people to support the tolls. I have no idea if this is state wide or nation wide.

Who is funding it?

Joe D.
Austin, Texas

Hello Joe,

YOU (and I) are funding it with our gas tax dollars. Along with some debt.

The major problem with Gov. Perry's Double Tax Freeway Tolls is our gas tax dollars are used to build them, and then we have to pay daily to use them.

A new layer of bureaucracy is needed to privatize and toll our public highways. So, Williamson County folks have stepped up to control the new taxes on Travis County. Think of it as another Robin Hood type plan. This is a Statewide plan, but other states are watching this new drivers tax and they want a taste too.

Texas elected thieves, fools with a toll road fetish, like Mayor Will Wynn, Brewster McCracken, Mark Strama & Gov. Perry, want to place tolls on roads we've already paid for.

What can you do about it? Vote out the tollers above, and tell everyone you know to do the same. We CAN stop most of the freeway tolls if we remove the tollers. We need everyone to spread the names of the tollers to continue our progress.

Sal Costello

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