STATESMAN: Letters to Editor today.

Put tolls west of I-35

Re: April 5 article, "I-35's toll road twin to swing east, go to Laredo":

The proposed route for the Trans-Texas Corridor parallels Interstate 35 on the east for most of its planned route, cutting through fertile farmland in Texas. This was deliberately done to make it more palatable to monied interests planning to build and own the toll road.

Desirable land will be acquired through eminent domain. Clearly, this is not in the best interests of the public.

The corridor should be built west of I-35 on the semi-arid stretches of prairie that need development. New towns and communities will spring up as necessary support to the trucks, trains and automobiles that would avoid the more congested areas now under consideration.

Don't take away land

We have given away our ports to foreign countries, and now Texas is wanting to give away a 10-mile wide strip of our best land to Spain. We need to get Gov. Rick Perry out of office — he is totally out of touch with the people of Texas.

Why do they need a strip of land 10 miles wide to build a highway and railroad tracks? The population of the United States is getting bigger, and the land is getting smaller because of development.

Is there a politician running for governor who can stop this madness?

Trashing Austin with tolls

The folks who support "Keep Austin Weird" are very successful, and the ones who advocate keeping Austin trashy are doing a tremendous job.

Look at the proposal to toll roads that have already been paid for.

I'm glad to see that Jesse James is alive and well in Austin.


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