Is San Antonio's city council Smarter than Austin's?

On a San Antonio Councilmember's Blog, Chip Haass said, "Toll roads are not the answer" for San Antionio.

As in Austin, TxDOT has been trying to privatize and toll their public highways as well.

In one post Haass made a pitch for a city bond referendum that would emphasize traffic congestion. The real interesting part came after several people posted encouraging comments.

Haass responded Thursday:

"I really am scared of what the future holds. I know toll roads have received a lot of publicity recently. Certainly, they are not the answer."
And, he also mentioned one of the many smart alternative solutions to tolls we've been discussing for many months:
"We have to study the big picture. I really believe strengthening our major arterial system around the highways will take pressure off the need for vehicles to use highways."
Why don't we have a smart Councilmember in Austin talking about arterials that cost 90% less than highway miles?

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