Open Letter to Burnt Orange Report.

Burnt Orange Report Blog,

Based on your open letter, on your blog, I see you don't like me. OK.

You claim I repeat myself and add nothing of importance. Over 1,000 hits a day tells me you are wrong.

The fact is you failed to post my whole comment.

Here it is. It is 100% true:

"As a candidate two years ago, Mark Strama promised to vote against all freeway toll legislation.

Then, Mark Strama turn his back on his promises and voted with Mike “Toll Road King” Krusee every time on freeway tolling legislation in the last session. Every Time.

MARK STRAMA LIED AGAIN and voted to toll roads we’ve already paid for as a member of CAMPO in 2005!

After one of the CAMPO meetings last year, Mark Strama told myself and Matt Turner that he voted with House Transportation Chair Mike Krusee on the freeway toll bills because “I’m a Democrat in a Republican house. It’s kind of like being in prison and I’ve got to be someone’s bitch.”

Mark Strama needs to go. He’s the worst kind of politician."

Let's focus on my statement. I stand by it. But you don't dispute it.

You say I have not provided solutions. I assumed you did your homework. I was wrong by doing so. I've posted solutions many times before on this blog. Here is my latest version of solutions.

Sal Costello
The Muckraker

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Anonymous said...

Sal, why don't you pick one of his solutions (or propose your own) -- if he's going to call you out like that, don't give him the satisfaction of sidestepping the issue by calling you a 'radical.' I agree with the general philosphy that "complaining without providing alternatives/solutions is just complaining for complaining's sake." Personally, I vote that we reappropriate our gas taxes properly (quite carving them up and using them to fund other items) and use that money to improve our transportation infrastruture. I also wouldn't be opposed to a small gas tax increase if it could ensured that doing so would eliminate toll roads and gaurantee that tax wouldn't be appropriated for something else at a later time.