4 BIG reasons why we endorse Strayhorn:

The People for Efficient Transportation
Endorses Carole Keeton Strayhorn!

4 BIG reasons
March 8, 2006

Carole Strayhorn has been the ONLY State official to fight the corruption with us, down in the trenches.

Perry's secret deals turns half a million acres of private land into foreign profits - Perry MUST be stopped. Strayhorn is the only opposing candidate with the millions of dollars NEEDED to run TV spots to communicate with millions of Texans.

And, Strayhorn's done more than just make promises. She's already taken action, BIG action in four (4) very important ways:
• As one of three members of the Texas Bond Review Board, Strayhorn fought and was successful in keeping Perry's TxDOT from using our gas tax dollars as BLACKMAIL when it comes to Texas Mobility Funds (one Perry source of our tax dollars being diverted to toll roads).

• As TEXAS COMPTROLLER Carole Strayhorn’s produced a Special Investigation into one of Gov. Rick Perry's new bureaucratic Freeway Tolling Authorities (CTRMA) and found CORRUPT board members giving themselves and their friends NO BID contracts using our gas tax dollars. The Report described these activities as: “Double Taxation without Accountability” and “Favoritism and Self-Enrichment”

• Strayhorn is spending millions of her advertising dollars to tell other Texans about the Boondoggles we've been fighting: --- the privatization and tolling of our funded freeways and the TTC land grab.

• Strayhorn is pushing for I & R which will that would give the people means to influence and control large statewide issues.
Strayhorn is the only candidate with a common sense TTC alternative that will:
PROTECT our private land.
Stop secret deals.
Stop land grab for foreign profits.
Keep our roads Toll Free.
Strayhorn offers much more than one liners. Strayhorn is the ONLY candidate that has the needed millions to defeat Gov. "Special Interests" Perry. Any vote going to the third, fourth or fifth place candidate ensures Perry another term.

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Wolfgang P. May said...

Excellent points. Not only does she have an excellent base, but the brains to win this fight. She has already come out of her corner fighting, the news media have picked up on that, and the word about this Texas-size scandal is beginning to spread. Texas does not need an entertainer or our current governor, who is successful only in slicing the bologna he presents as arguments for the Texas corridor.