AUSTIN CHRON: "Anti-tollsters, like zombies, feed only on living political flesh". (click here - near Bottom of page).

"...Eckhardt's election may in fact
throw some additional sand in the gears
of the more grandiose regional toll plans..."

– Austin Chronicle, 3/16/06
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Sal Costello said...


Brains! Brains!

TZ said...

"...we declined to issue an endorsement largely because of Eckhardt's unseemly embrace of and by the most rabid toll warriors."

This implies that the Chronicle would have endorsed Eckhardt, if it weren't for her allegiance with the Toll Party.

What does the Chronicle have against the Toll Party?

Sal Costello said...

The Chronicle (and the Statesman) supports tolling roads we've already paid for. The Chronicle likes how the unaccountable freeway tolls will pay for uncontrolled development. But, uncontrolled development is not a person with a family or a budget to live within.

The more uncontrolled development that takes place, the larger the papers circulation, which means more ad revenue.