When Mayor Will Wynn Attacks.

I saw Mayor Will Wynn, this past Friday afternoon, March, 17th, about 3:10pm at Opal Devine's on 5th Street.

I had a meeting at Opal Devine's. As I drank a coke and waited for my associate, I noticed the mayor was not standing totally balanced - just about everyone was getting trashed - it was St. Patrick's Day.

I didn't think much of seeing the Mayor. Other than what ran through my head. I thought to myself "There's that damn mayoral fool who, along with Brewster McCracken, voted to toll roads we've already paid for. He didn't care that 93% of the public feedback opposed tolling our freeways."

Little did I know, later that night, about 11:00pm, the mayor would loose his cool and break the law by put his hands on someone, that didn't want to be touched.

The Texas Penal Code, Title 5, Chapter 22, Assaultive Offenses § 22.01(3) Reads:

"A person commits an offense if the person intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative."
The Mayor's apology via KXAN proves he did get physical.

The mayor, at the very least, broke the law.

The victim, Luke A. Johnson filed an Austin Police Department report against the Mayor for "Assault by Contact".

Here are the details: Mayor Wynn was getting teased by the 26 year old Johnson, who was invited to the party. The party took place at the community outdoor area of Mayor Wynn's home, on 800 W. 5th Street. Mayor Wynn grabbed Johnson and forcibly removed him from the party. This KVUE report states that Johnson called the police and said that Mayor Will Wynn choked him.

Johnson said he was taken to a hospital and has X-rays documenting his injuries.

The mayor will not be held accountable by the law enforcement officials or the media. The official APD statement says "officers did not observe visible injuries". Apparently they don't know the law.

Or, perhaps Mayor "Double Tax" Wynn is above the law.

Nobody has asked the mayor if he was intoxicated. No media outlet has reported what the law says. Maybe it's too much work to look it up via google.

The Statesman buried the news, without an article, at the bottom of the Metro Briefings. The San Antonio Express (not even our city) did an whole article.

The other media laps up the latest Mayor's "spin" (distraction). The incident has somehow made the Mayor think he needs a full time police officer to keep him safe.

The way I see it - we need a full time cop escorting us - to protect us from our Mayor.


Charged with Assault in 2008!

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shawn (aka blogstud) said...

If you know the guy who was assaulted, tell him to file a civil suit. If he has documented injuries he will win (will wynn? ha ha) AND it will definitely make the news. Also forward the story on to cnn.com and usatoday.com, smoking gun, etc.

Anonymous said...


You know that the law is only for the peasants. When you’re a very import person like will wynn I guess you can flaunt the law like jumping off the down town bridge, assault people convert public road to toll road. Just do whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

If someone in my house, my private residence, my castle, was giving me shit, I'd toss him the hell out also.
It's the Texan way.

Sal Costello said...

It took place in the community outdoor area of Wynn's home. The law is the law.

Anonymous said...

At 3:59 PM, March 22, 2006, Anonymous said... "If someone in my house, my private residence, my castle, was giving me shit, I'd toss him the hell out also.
It's the Texan way."

Agreed, with force, but read it again, it wasn't at his residence, "The party took place at the community outdoor area of Mayor Wynn's home"

Anonymous said...

wonder what the kid was saying.

hahaha- drunkard Mayor getting picked on by a kid.