BREAKING NEWS: Austin Freeway Tolling Mayor Charged with Assault!

Travis County prosecutors have charged Austin Mayor Will Wynn with assaulting a member of the public in 2006 at his downtown loft building. A judge has ordered Mayor Will Wynn to receive counseling and complete 20 hours of community service before May 2, as well as pay a $500 bond and $68 in court costs says KVUE news. I'd guess that you and I wouldn't get that kind of break.

Almost 2 years ago I posted the article about Mayor Wynn grabbing a citizen my the throat, with the pic below.

I've been requesting the documents and audio tape of the call since the incident in 2006, almost every 4 months - and to date, the City of Austin has refused to hand over that public information.

Mayor Will Wynn (as well as Sen. Kirk Watson and others) voted to divert nearly $1 million tax dollars, intended for Austin's free roads, into toll roads (Oct 2007).

When Mayor Will Wynn Attacks.

I saw Mayor Will Wynn, this past Friday afternoon, March, 17th, 2006 about 3:10pm at Opal Devine's on 5th Street.

I had a meeting at Opal Devine's. As I drank a coke and waited for my associate, I noticed the mayor was not standing totally balanced - just about everyone was getting trashed - it was St. Patrick's Day...

Read the rest of the article I wrote in 2006 HERE.
Also, Mayor Wynn has a history of loosing his cool. Such as in 2007: When Mayor Wynn Attacks II, when Mayor Wynn stated, "I spewed a fog of profanity..".
Please send a letter to the Statesman editor (letters@statesman.com),
requesting his immediate resignation. 150 words or less, include your name, address and phone.


Anonymous said...

I will send him an email requesting his immediate resignation. I urge every one else to do the same. Elected officials should be held to a higher standard than the general public. He does not deserve to represent Austin.

Sal Costello said...

Better yet, send a letter to the Statesman editor, requesting his immediate resignation.

Shame that out of control double taxing Mayor!

Sal Costello said...


Anonymous said...

Sal, This is what I sent it to both the statesman and to Winn:

Mr. Winn,

As a long time resident of Austin I am aware that you were elected to the position of Mayor in 2003 and re-elected in 2006. In the last few years you have not served the people of Austin. You have served yourself to help ban pan handling downtown where you live, work, and socialize, while you table the issue for the rest of the city. The general public is accosted daily for money on street corners and stop lights. We are constantly reminded of this when we see trash (mostly beer cans) at every corner.

You have over 20 years in the commercial real estate industry and your focus has become extremely narrow. All your energy seems to be concentrated on the downtown area and the transformation to luxury condos and upscale businesses. You have blinders on to the rest of Austin's residents. You demonstrate your lack of concern with your refusal to listen to the residents, voting to double tax Austin and the surrounding areas with your conversion of existing freeways to toll roads and support of big box stores.

As an elected official you are held to a higher standard then the general public. Your verbal and physical assaults as well as the above mentioned issues leave me no choice but to request for your immediate resignation. Austin is weird and we deserve better.