Boondoggle backers ponder name change for the Trans-Texas Corridor

Stubborn elected representatives like Gov. Perry and Sen. Watson act like they are kings, while they ignore the will of the public. While all along, the fact is THEY WORK FOR US! Instead of listening to the public, these slippery snakes play word games and lie.

For example, Sen. Kirk Watson started to call toll roads "managed" lanes some time ago, just so he didn't have the say the unpopular "Toll" word.

And today, we have evidence that some of these fat cat crooks are looking to use other words to describe the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC)!

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram today:

"We're calling it a 'regional loop' because you can't say 'Trans-Texas Corridor' in the state of Texas anymore," said Michael Morris, transportation director for the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

"The Trans-Texas Corridor is a lightning rod," he told visiting state representatives this week while explaining how the corridor would connect to regional highways by 2030.
These corrupt crooks would screw their own mothers if they could gain a dollar or get a little more power.

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