Dallas Tollers to convert SH 161 and tax dollars into Goose that Lays Golden Egg.

Everything else takes priority when it comes to special interests gobbling up tax dollars. This football stadium freeway toll road is a top priority for Dallas porkers.

SH 161 is a public highway that was always intended to have a free expressway. But special interests love public subsidies, especially one that creates a monopolistic unaccountable daily toll tax. The cost of the right of way is unknown, but it's certainly part of the freeway to tollway corporate welfare scheme.
And don't forget, "$200 million in local funds" = your tax dollars.

Building of toll road fast-tracked

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

How important is the construction of the Texas 161 toll road for traffic flow at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington?

Important enough for Dallas-Fort Worth planners to gamble more than $200 million in local funds to get the project under way. That will improve the odds that the road will be partly open by the 2009 football season, the Cowboys' first at the stadium, and mostly complete by the 2011 Super Bowl.

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