YOUR Texas 2-Step Against Tolls & TTC!

In Texas, we can vote twice for a Presidential nominee.
Once at the polls, and once at your
precinct caucus Tuesday evening (D's only).
This creates a major opportunity for us to help stop the Texas freeway to
toll way conversions and the TTC land grab - IF we work together and act.
Let's effect real change from the grassroots up!

UPDATED 3/1/08
1) Vote early or on Election Day. My two voting tips: When in doubt, vote the incumbent out. If you haven’t done your homework for some races, don’t just guess - just leave it blank.)

2) Go to your precinct polling location Tuesday eve for s short caucus/convention (and D's can vote for presidential candidate a second time), everyone can deliver several copies of each of the 3 important resolutions below - which could become part of the parties platform - the more of us that take the resolutions to our precincts, the better chance we have to get them into both party state platforms!

If you don’t know your Election day precinct polling location just click the above link or call your county election division to ask for location and time of caucus/precinct convention (Travis County - 854-4996) In Travis County D’s at 7:15pm and R’s at 8:00pm
  1. When you arrive at the short caucus/convention they will ask which presidential candidate you support (D's only).
  2. The chair will then tally up the votes.
  3. Then the chair will ask for resolutions during other business.
Each resolution will then start it’s journey up the food chain. Go home with a smile on your face knowing that in less than 30 minutes, you helped push some great platform items for your party.

Download the resolutions - PDFs by clicking on the links:

Right now you can: Copy and paste the above into an email letter, send it to people you know so they can pass it on. Suggested subject heading: Texas 2-Step Against Tolls & TTC!

If you are a blogger, please feel free to copy and paste this whole article as your own.


Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul supporters would have spent less time with online polls and more time getting out the real votes, he might still be in the running.

Like Sal said, "the low number of delegates Paul has received has made it mathematically impossible for him to get the nomination at this stage of the game."

Anonymous said...

NAFTA, McCain, Clinton and Change video:

Anonymous said...

I helped all 3 resolutions pass in my caucus. Amazingly, many people didn't know the facts on the corruption behind Texas tolls. Glad to have educated them. Education is the key to effective democracy. Thank you Sal for drafting these resolutions!

Judy said...

I wanted to let you know that tonight, I took copies of your 3
resolution to my precinct caucus and read them and all three were adopted.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

I was successful in getting my precinct caucus to adopt 2 of the resolutions on toll roads. I was very glad I was well versed on the topic. One naysayer hadn't done any research, but was very happy to spout all the TXDOT & media propaganda. Fortunately, others in the caucus were just as opposed & helped me convince the others.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

FROM Dylan:

Hi Sal,

Just letting you know that the Travis County Precint 460 Republican Caucus unanimously adopted all 3 resolutions.

Thanks for all of your continuing hard work in this fight.


Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...



Bexar County Precinct 3015 report.

Democratic caucus adopted all three Texas toll party resolutions.


Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...



First of all I would like to thank you for all the work you have put into fighting the toll roads. I live in the Walnut Creek area of Austin and I feel compelled to let you in on what happened in precinct 211 during the caucus. I was the only person to bring any resolutions to the caucus. I read them and was greeted to standing ovations for every one of them. There was a few questions concerning the resolution against eminent domain abuse for toll roads. Luckily, there was a property owner who is involved over the TTC land grab. He described how they are trying to steal his land away that has been in his family for years. Every one of them was adopted unanimously in my precinct. I can only hope they were done all over the city and state.

Once again I would like to thank you for all your effort.


Anonymous said...

I stayed till 10:45 PM to present the 3 resolutions in Precinct 364, but they all passed, as did one other resolution whose sponsor was present. The 50 resolutions whose sponsors had left the premises were all rejected with one vote because noone was there to speak up for them.