Synergy works. Great Job with the Resolutions People!

I submitted the toll resolution at my very long precinct event last night - it sure wasn't a 30 minute deal - sorry about that folks. : )

A number of you emailed me on your great success in both D and R events across Texas. Congrats! Please stay involved in your community. Here are just a few of the emails. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments area:

"I wanted to let you know that tonight,
I took copies of your 3 resolution to
my precinct caucus and read them and
all three were adopted...I hope many
other's did the same and we can stop
the tolling of our roads & this land
Keep up the good work."
"Just letting you know that the Travis County Precinct 460 Republican Caucus unanimously adopted all 3 resolutions. Thanks for all of your continuing hard work in this fight."

"Thanks to Sal Costello (http://salcostello.blogspot.com/) and his well organized and informative website, I downloaded the three forms, printed out multiple copies and went to caucus. I was the ONLY one who brought resolutions to the table so I was quickly dubbed "TTC Spokesperson / Resolution Person for 4 precincts, mainly because I could summarize it and put it in layman's terms on what they would vote for and what was going on with this....Out of about 600 or so people, all three TTC / toll issues were unanimous votes. People are familiar with TTC by name only; many don't seem to know the details which I guess means more homework by many of us fighting this. When I brought up Rick Perry's name that pretty much stirred up the crowd and it was funny some of the stuff people voiced (out loud in public) about that bozo."

"I introduced all of my anti toll-TTC resolutions and they passed, even though nobody knew me. They were impressed by my presentation organization. All I did was print the resolutions off of your web site and read them to the delegates. They were intrigued. Many were clueless, and some required a little education. One Obama delegate said he was sure 100% of the gas tax went back into roads. I told the Obama folks they need to look up the Texas Toll Party."
"Bexar County Precinct 3015 report. Democratic caucus adopted all three Texas toll party resolutions."

"I was the only person to bring any resolutions to the caucus. I read them and was greeted to standing ovations for every one of them."


Anonymous said...

This blog kicks ass.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the success of the three resolutions that you had available on your web site. Presented them at a caucus - unanimously accepted - wish I could have taken credit for writing them ! Well done and keep up the good fight !

Anonymous said...

Same resolutions read and adopted all across Trinity County at various pricinct sites.

Richard Reeves said...

Great work once again Sal!

We presented and passed all of your resolutions at the Republican Precinct(#448) Convention in Travis County.

We look forward to pushing the resolutions all the way to State and beyond.


Anonymous said...

The night was so long, that I almost left after my vote. I'm glad I stayed to pass on the resolutions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal...

Concerning the election last night...

Do you have any insight as to how in the world Dawnna Dukes picked up 61% of the votes against Brian Thompson? Are East Austin citizens insane? Who are these people that like her?

Although I do not live in this area of town, I can see that she is not a good representative for her constituents. Her continued support for Craddick legislation seems to go opposite her constituents' concerns, and her ethics record is abominable.

Can you please post your thoughts concerning how to rid the Texas legislature of this woman?

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

It's simple. Most voters don't know that Dukes is corrupt.

Most voters for this primary went to vote for a pres. nomin. and they just select the name the know - Dukes.

Only when a candidate is well funded, they can take out a corrupt incumbent. Money allows enough TV, Radio and Direct mail to pierce through the hundreds of ads we see a day.

Dukes had Thompson outspent by multiple times.

I'll write nore about this on my blog soon.

The good news?

Thompsons fight will most likely attract a well funded opponent in 2 years. It's likely Dukes could even drop out 2 years from now, just like Krusee did, after we got similar numbers with our primary candidate 2 years ago.

: )

Anonymous said...

I stayed till 10:45 PM to present the 3 resolutions in Precinct 364, but they all passed, as did one other resolution whose sponsor was present. The 50 resolutions whose sponsors had left the premises were all rejected with one vote because noone was there to speak up for them.

mcblogger said...

Travis County Democratic Precinct 109... all three passed unanimously.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...


I successfully got two of three passed...I didn't have a strong defense for Market-Based Tolling and that one failed by a vote or two...

...I had to defend them a LOT harder than I expected since we had a member who works for Gov 39%...(who) really took me on and my little wife cast the deciding vote for me on Eminent Domain.

Anonymous said...

I know there is no "silver bullet", but I wish that I had made these resolutions available at all the precincts, and had someone present them. At least it would be informative to the people that attended and be a form of education for some. I guess I don't understand the whole process, but if our legislators also agree with the resolutions, what keeps them from moving forward for adoption?

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to get off of the subject of the resolutions presented to the different precincts, as that was a very good thing to do. But, even with people like Lou Dobbs and others going public with how bad an idea it is to have to give up land to NAFTA highways, what does it take to stop this nonsense? For Texans to give up land so that foreign countries can transport their junk through Texas is OBSCENE ! Will it take an actual revolution to stop this nonsense? Not sure how to start one, but will certainly help. I know that a revolution was briefly mentioned at one of the meetings on the TTC-69 fiasco recently, but haven't heard anything more about it. Thousands upon thousands of Texans are living under the cloud of fear and waiting for the "other shoe to drop" which will squash them like an ant ! Not sure whether to sell, move out, stop all improvements, or what ! What about filing a giant lawsuit against the state for harrassment or threats ? IF this doesn't fit the description of harrassment, what does ? And what is wrong with asking each of the candidates for president where do they stand on this matter? Sorry to vent, but this is ridiculous.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...


Thanks to you I have attended my first ever caucus. I’ve learned a great deal more about our political system (and how screwed up it is) as well as taken steps to help fight the freeway tollers. I printed out the resolutions the Texas Toll Party emailed and successfully submitted them to the chair. Surprisingly, I was the only one who submitted anything on this issue, but all the other people were excited about sending the message.

Even though I drive a LOT for my business and the toll roads would be more convenient and a business expense write-off, I still avoid using them. I love hearing that the usage is way under their expectations.