Bill "Bilderberg" Clinton Heckled Again

From CNN:

A young man then started shouting at the former president, repeating "1991 Bilderberg." After a moment or two, Clinton stopped trying to speak over him and acknowledged the heckler.

"Look, this is the deal, folks," he said. "All these people that are paranoid about the world come and scream at me everywhere."

The man said that if Clinton heard him out, he'd leave, so Clinton did so. But as he shouted about Bilderberg, NAFTA and the Trans-Texas Corridor, the crowd drowned him out with boos.

Eventually, Clinton rather calmly addressed the remarks of the heckler...

He said he did attend the 1991 conference of global players at the invitation of Vernon Jordan. "To the best of my knowledge, NAFTA was not discussed by anybody in my presence," he said. "I was talking to people who happen to be from Europe who did not give a rip about NAFTA."

Clinton then gave a general defense of his role in NAFTA, saying he tried to get labor and environmental standards into that agreement, "but I couldn't because it was already negotiated when I got there." He also said that as president, he enforced trade laws more than the current Bush administration has.

Bill Clinton, the other half of Hillary Clinton, didn't comment on the Trans Texas Corridor or the NAFTA Superhighway.

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