Cintra using loan from U.S. to build segments of TTC

Cintra gets a low interest loan from the feds to build segments 5 and 6 of SH-130 (primer for the TTC).

Read the whole article from Landline Magazine:

"Officials with the Spanish toll road operator Cintra have announced that the company has secured $430 million in loans from the U.S. government to build and operate two segments of a toll road in central Texas."


"OOIDA Senior Government Affairs Representative Mike Joyce told Land Line that the Association does raise red flags when federal dollars are used to subsidize private investors. Officials with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association are not, however, categorically opposed to a state using future toll revenue to pay off bonds.

“I’m skeptical of any funding schemes that involve the private sector,” Joyce said."


Anonymous said...

I wish Ronnie could come back to life now and look at his revolution. How many layers of this onion are there to peel??

Anonymous said...

Why the heck is the Statesman NOT reporting this?

Anonymous said...

The reason the Statesman and other newspapers are not reporting this is that many have been either bought or highly influenced by foreign interests ! The last place to look for news on what is going on behind the scenes is the newspaper. Lou Dobbs, on CNN, is the only media person that has really come out against this crap and wonders why Texans is putting up with it ! Getting close to running out of options. Politicians are fiddling while Rome burns !

Anonymous said...

Everybody is on the take. These problems will go away only when greed and self gain above all others goes away. Never. It is up to us to raise hell and stick together to vote those people in power who act against the will of the common good of the public out of office.