Rep. Jim McReynolds Raps TxDOT Over TTC-69

Yet another member of the ledge is pissed off at TxDOT. This time State Representative Jim McReynolds is seeing red, according to the Lufkin Daily News:

"According to McReynolds, the legislators are "not too happy" with the Texas Department of Transportation, which has been under fire for its proposed I-69/TTC plans.

"This (the I-69/TTC) is something we never dreamed of, thought about, or wanted," McReynolds said. "I have attended all the meetings in my district, and I have not heard a single person that spoke in favor of it."

McReynolds also noted that TxDOT has hired five lobbyists, an act that agencies are restricted from doing. Phillip Russell, assistant executive director of innovative project development for TxDOT, did comment late last month that the project "can be stopped," and that he believes the state transportation agency will build additional lanes on U.S. 59 instead of the huge superhighway. TxDOT will have a showdown with the state legislature next January, according to McReynolds."


Matthew J. said...

Kill the TTC!

Anonymous said...

McReynolds is making big noise about this, but I hear from sources that he may have been pushing for this all along. He reportedly thinks it will be a good thing for Angelina County and the City of Lufkin. (Study the maps and notice that it makes a "strange bend" to the east right into Angelina County instead of going Northeast towards Texarkana. ) Problem is, a lot of his constituents are pissed and he's trying to calm the natives before the election cycle. Van Brookshire from San Jacinto County has family land that will be impacted by this (consequently staunchly ANTI-TTC) and he is going to run against McReynolds this Fall. Stay tuned.........

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous,
You are very mis-informed about Jim McReynolds regarding the TTC. I have spoke with him on several occasions on this issue and others. I have known him for many years and I can honestly say he is one of the most self-less, sensible, caring persons I've met. He has and will always be against the TTC. I know his consevative record and he has always voted for the people and against big government. He is a very honest family man and we should be very thankful we have him as our state rep.;futhermore, I wish we had more like him. Individuals should be careful about rumors. This is how we wind up with corrupt governments full of selfish thugs

Anonymous said...

Waiting until January to have a showdown with TxDOT gives them nine months to do whatever they want to do. Somebody needs to stop all contract letting that even remotely applies to construction related to any TTC. Or, by January, they will have several more "feet in the door" on construction and then we will hear "well, they already have this started, but after this - - - ". That is a game they are playing and, unfortunately, they are winning by default.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

There is a LOT that will happen before Jan...a constant tenderizing of TxDOT.

Spring/summer is the public hearing portion of the sunset review.

: )