Report Urges Tolling Every Road Leading to Washington

By TheNewspaper.com

Local government officials in the Washington, DC area released a plan yesterday calling for the addition of toll booths to every road leading to the nation's capital. Federal gas tax funding worth $300,000 was used to pay for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments study which took eighteen months to complete.

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Anonymous said...

Sickening. This has to stop. A properly designed rail system can pay for itself. It doesn't need toll subsidies or sabotaging of free roads with more stoplights and lower speed limits to force people to take it.

On a better note, Strayhorn may be running for mayor of Austin.

Anonymous said...

I think this is absolutely insane. I suppose the politicos will be exempt from paying any tolls, kind of like TxDOT. Who passes these laws and with what authority? Why don't they toll the toilets in Washington? With all the BS going on up there, it would really be a cash cow.