Independent Texans Endorse Barack Obama (and VIDEO)

Many of you might remember back to 2004 and 2005 when our TexasTollParty.com and AustinTollparty.com office was managed by Linda Curtis of Independent Texans. We've shared goals in stopping unaccountable government since 2004.

Independent Texans has endorsed Barack Obama in the Democratic Primary.

Click the arrow above to watch a new video with Linda Curtis talking about why Obama was endorsed by members of Independent Texans.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post why I chose Obama over Clinton.


* For me, government transparency is one of the most important issues of the 2008 election. A secretive government is generally bad for a democracy. A transparent government, on the other hand, sets up a check against corrupting influences and brings in an element of accountability. Furthermore, opening up ideas and decisions to public comment allows for the making of better decisions insofar as it allows for a wider range of input.
* As promised in his Ethics proposals (available online here and in his Blueprint For Change here), Obama will broadcast cabinet meetings on C-SPAN and on the Internet.
* Obama will connect government agencies to the Internet to open up public comment on important issues.
* Obama is responsible for creating the Federal Spending Database, so you can now go online and see where the government is spending your money.

mark said...

Our local elections are what matters most. I vote based on tax/toll issues. Please don't get dragged into this national crap. We get enough of it on radio and tv.

Lisa Birkman won by only 317 votes in my district. Our votes count locally! A few hundred more would have removed her or forced a run-off. It is sad.