Toller/Arrested Gunman/Candidate Dwight Thompson Gets Special Treatment

Dwight Dallas Thompson
Felony Arrest Photo

Dwight Thompson, former mayor of WestLake Hills and former Vice Chair of CAMPO (who voted to toll Austin freeways) was arrested on 7/21/06 for having a loaded gun at an airport checkpoint.

Since we helped to fire Thompson in early 2006, he’s been off my radar.

BUT, he is now running to become mayor of WestLake Hills - again. So I started to look into the status of his arrest and other details.

In 2006, police at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport arrested Thompson, who had a LOADED .38-caliber handgun at a checkpoint - a very serious offense, a Felony. A felony that is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

Think about this...You either have a loaded gun or you don’t, right? Well, he had a loaded gun. There is NO gray area on an issue like this.

And, to make matters worse, some months before, he had been arrested in another state, for the same thing! A gun at an airport checkpoint.

The Statesman even mentions this double offense some days ago:
“...Thompson — who has been arrested twice for carrying a firearm in an airport.”
Keep this in mind: With a felony on his record, Thompson would not be able to run for office again, as stated on the ballot application he filed out earlier this month to run for mayor.


Since he’s a VIP, Thompson gets special treatment from the DA’s office. The Austin Police Department reports that the third degree felony charges of were reduced to misdemeanor charges.

A court hearing for the misdemeanor charge is scheduled for April 24th - a trial by Jury in Travis County Courtroom #6. You or I would get the book thrown at us, especially if we were caught twice bringing a weapon into an airport, but I guess the elite are above the law.

Details I found...
Filed as FELONY, case #: 06-2020347
Cause #: D1DC06203891

Refiled as Misdemeanor
Cause #: 07-400389

March 10, 2008 Ballot Application:
Dwight Dallas Thompson
900 Redbud Trail
Westlake Hills, TX 78746
DOB: 7/11/52

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