Article from 1999 Reveals The Clintons, NAFTA and Global Special Interest Pals

A closer look into Bill Clinton, and since she wants to take credit for the good stuff - Hillary Clinton

by Hightower Lowdown:

"Last year in Paris a bunch of guys in suits met secretly to draft a document they called 'the constitution of a single global economy.' We called it 'NAFTA on steroids'-a stealth, ONE WORLD, WDI plan for a rogue world government. Their scheme was so butt- ugly that it couldn't stand the light of day, and thanks to grass- roots exposure and agitation, the suits have had to back away from any direct presentation of their 11 global constitution,' which they called the Multilateral Agreement on Investments (MAI)."

"But every one of these trade agreements and structures rips more economic and political power out of our hands and conveys it on a silver platter to the elite club of international speculators, powerhouse bankers, corporate jefes, and other hustlers—men with smiling lips and squinting hearts."
Read the whole article HERE.

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