Another TxDOT Scheme To Get More of Your Money

Gov. Perry's TxDOT, the evil fuckers who ignore the public, toll our tax funded roads and steal our land for foreign profits, has found yet another scam to take money from your family. TxDOT hands out our scarce tax dollars to local law enforcement agencies across Texas, to pay overtime to officers, so they can write more traffic tickets, so TxDOT can profit. The revenue scheme is called the "Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grants". Really, that's the real name.

Here's how it works in 3 EZ steps.

1) TxDOT gives your tax dollars to the local police.

2) Your tax dollars pay for more traffic writing ticket hours.

3) TxDOT takes $100 "off the top" of each ticket written.

Will this rogue agency ever stop? More from the Dallas Blog:
"...What the state agency seems to be more concerned with is how many more tickets are being written. Section 8 of its grant application indicates that a city’s or county’s past "performance" on enforcement will be considered in future grant requests from this organ of your state government.

Interesting – anyone care to venture a guess why?

Most taxpayers aren’t aware that almost all of the first hundred dollars paid by an individual who is cited for a speeding infraction goes to the state.
The remainder goes to the city or county. So an organ of the state, TxDOT, gives a grant to a local law enforcement organization to cover overtime pay for officers in order to write more speeding tickets, and the state receives the lion’s share of the first hundred dollars collected on each and every speeding ticket. That grant sounds more like a business loan to me. This deal becomes quite a potential moneymaker for the state as well as the ticket-issuing cities and counties.

Couple this with the fact that the enabling legislation for the Trans-Texas Corridor contains language that could result in a special police organization being formed to regulate traffic and enforce law in the corridor, and TxDOT’s foray into influencing local departments becomes more interesting. Is this a window into how a new TTC special police would be run? It appears TxDOT and your state would like to extract money from motorists coming and going. Do we live in Texas or "Taxus"?

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