EXCLUSIVE: Deposition of TxDOT Top Dog Reveals First Bombshell

(l-r) Ports to Plains, Amadeo Saenz, Executive Director of TxDOT and the TTC

The term Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) has become wildly unpopular in Texas, since it creates eminent domain abuse of hundreds of millions of acres, all for special interest profits.

Gov. Perry's TxDOT is now pushing another leg of the TTC without calling it the "TTC" according to a deposition of a top TxDOT official. Weeks ago Judge Orlinda Naranjo allowed a number of TxDOT officials to be deposed as part of the lawsuit filed by TURF.

According to a recent deposition given under oath by Amadeo Saenz, Executive Director of TxDOT, TxDOT now considers the "Ports to Plains" as part of the Trans Texas Corridor, says Terri Hall of TURF when asked yesterday.

Years ago, Ports to Plains was promised as a FREE highway relief route to I-35. Selling it off as a toll road is more profitable, which allows more back room deals and corruption. Interestingly enough, TxDOT was fighting the deposition of TxDOT chair Ric Williamson, when he died in December.


Anonymous said...


If you ask for Amedeo's calendar for the last 2 years, you'll see he's been meeting with some known shady characters.

Amedeo gets a taste of the action. It's the only way these meetings can be explained.


Anonymous said...

This is great news! I can't wait until they break it to 4th and 5th generation ranchers in West Texas that they're going to get bulldozed by Perry. Now the shit is really gonna hit the fan!!!

Anonymous said...

My big question is, if it is planned to follow the existing right of ways out there, wouldn't there be less disruption in a less populated area like that than most of the I-69 or I-35 territory? There were many suggestions early on that they (TXDOT) should put the corridor in less populated areas. No offense to West Texans, but there is a lot less population density and residences in most of that area. TTC anything is a BAD idea, but West Texas may be a less painful option if it were to proceed.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't TxDOT been telling everyone they don't have money for consultants to work on projects and have an agency job hiring freeze? I would expect an undertaking of this magnitude would take a lot of $$$ & people to work on it. I guess the budget cuts did not apply to TTC projects. While our local needs are put on the back burner all in the name of a lie Perry has directed his cronies to feed the public called a "budget cris", local tolls and TTC projects move forward FULL STEAM AHEAD!!! WHEN IS THE TXDOT LIE GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

1) It was supposed to be a free route.

2) It's part of the TTC, but they've yet to tell anyone that.

3) By failing to tell anyone it's part of the TTC, they lied to the public - the people they pretend to serve.

Anonymous said...

I think TxDOT is losing its mind. There is no way the Port-to-Plains corridor could ever be toll-viable. The official study recommended 4-lane divided highways because traffic counts could not justify a free limited-access facility.

Oh, wait. Maybe they want to start charging tolls on the existing I-27 between Lubbock and Amarillo, then use the money to build something that isn't needed and create healthy profits for the toll players. I suppose we should never underestimate how dirty TxDOT's plans may be. Always fear the worst.

Anonymous said...

It’s time to replace the executive director and the all of District engineers with non- engineers. TxDot should be made to account to the citizens of Texas for their lies and deception. This agency is the biggest drain on the taxpayer in the state.