Sen. Kirk Watson Thinks You're a Peon.

Yup, little ol Kirk Watson is at it again. That weasle Watson hates transparency, and he loves back room deals (far from the accountable eyes of the public).

This week Sen. Watson, as chair of CAMPO, is having "closed door" meetings to hand pick a new director of CAMPO. And, the pesky public is certainly NOT invited. From the Statesman:

"Six semi-finalists to lead the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization are spending the afternoon in closed-door interviews with the CAMPO board’s executive committee."
Sen. Watson loves back room deals.

From the million dollar deal Watson made with Intel as Mayor, to diverting our tax dollars to toll our Austin freeways. Watson hates when the "little people" (that's you and I) get in the way of his business dealings. He's just better than you and me.

You could send him an email to complain, but he's known for not responding to peons like you.



Anonymous said...

They want to make sure the new sucker will be as toll happy as the rest. It doesn't matter anyways. Time is getting short for these little sewer rats. Things are going to change soon.

N. Merrick said...

I hope Kirk is up for re election soon so he can get Hardballed again.