Another "391 Commission" Formed In Grimes County?

On the 20th, I wrote about the first "391 Commission", and how it's a new tool to stop the TTC.

It looks like Grimes County is considering one as well, according to the Navasota Examiner.


Anonymous said...

Forget the commissioners and county judges!!! They've been lobbied. Go for your mayors! They are the ones that will listen to their constituents and most worried about their communities and jobs - it's about as close to "grass roots" as you can get.

Anonymous said...

The inclination is to go after commissioners and county judges because they think having them on board will tie up entire counties; unfortunately it appears many county judges have been "had" and some commissioners just don't have the spine to buck 'em. Quite possibley, a more effective approach is to get a couple of adjacent incorporated towns with mayors that will go to bat for you. When you get them on the commission, you can bring in affected school and water districts and encompass as much real estate as you could trying to work with county officials. The lowest elected person on the food chain is going to feel the heat a lot more, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

The illustrious commissioners of Grimes County will not get their heads out of their butts to see the light of day.