Tricky TxDOT Alters Toll Road Customers Check and Calls Texan Liar

I wrote about how TxDOT/TxTag altered a customers check and how they got caught in

Today, and update as a Star Telegram reporter looked into the altered check fiasco.

Gabriela Garcia
, a TxDOT employee who is know for lying "like a rug" (and not answering questions) says TxDOT didn't have a motive:

Department spokeswoman Gabriela Garcia told me last week: "We're very certain that it did not occur on our side." Then, referring to the Gibbs family, she added that the check alteration "could have occurred [by] the other party for that matter as well. We don't know."

When I told Debbie Gibbs that an agency spokeswoman suggested that she could have altered her own check, Gibbs replied:

"I'm not in the habit of writing checks for more than the bills are. They are calling me a liar. I can't stand it. I'm furious. I want some type of ownership as to who did it, and why they did it. And trying to say that I did it is ludicrous!"

Brian Gibbs told me that when he first called TxTag to complain, a supervisor told him that it shouldn't be difficult to track who handled the check because employees log in with identifying information on all transactions.

I asked Garcia about those identifying procedures, but she wouldn't answer, saying instead, "There was no motive for a payment processor to change a check to match the bill statement." But that wasn't my question.

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