DWI Freeway Toller Judge Biscoe and his excuses

Central Texas TOLLER Judge Biscoe DWI Arrest Photo

In August of 2004, Central Texas freeway TOLLER Travis County Judge Sam "Double Tax" Biscoe was arrested for DWI. Officers pulled him over for changing lanes without a signal and said his car was drifting out of its lane. He declined to take a blood alcohol test. Under state law, declining that test, leads to an automatic 90-day suspension of his license, because he was already arrested and handcuffed when the officer asked for the test. But, he weaseled out of that one.

NOW Sam Biscoe is trying to beat his DWI charge by claiming diabetes caused him to appear intoxicated. Toller weasels will just say anything to skirt responsibilities.

Before becoming Travis County Judge, Attorney Biscoe had eight clients who filed grievances, and he was reprimand by the State Bar. Biscoe has also twice faced disbarment in state court proceedings. Tell him what you think: sam.biscoe@co.travis.tx.us

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