2005 Top 10 Looter-Toller-Weasel Awards for Texas.

This was difficult, so many are deserving - but only 10 slots for those FREEway tollers and Trans Texas Corridor pushers. What to do? What to do?

These folks went the extra step to go out of their way to deceive us.

Sure there's Round Rock's Mayor Maxwell (We are boycotting his Maxwell car dealerships in Central Texas), Sonleitner, Daugherty, Bisco, Gattis and many others could have easily make it. But this is kind of a statewide top 10 list (in my opinion).

Please use the comment section and tell us who you think should've made the list below - I want to hear from you. Know your Weasels - and please get folks to run against them.

Drum roll please....

10. Mayor Will Wynn - Just looking at him, you can tell he doesn't feel comfortable in his own skin. And who can blame him. He promised affordability when he ran for office, and then he turns around and votes to toll freeways we've already paid for - after 93% of the public feedback HE asked for opposed the plan.
9. Patrick Rose - Hays County Representative that PET PAC endorsed in the last election because he promised to fight freeway tolls. Except when you look at his transportation votes that would effect freeway tolls, he voted with Krusee just about every time, as if he was Krusee's bitch.
8. Dawnna Dukes - East Austin Representative Duke's sister, Stacy Dukes-Rhone, received a subcontract with the CTRMA (toll authority) on July 13, 2004, the morning after Dawnna Dukes voted YES for the FREEway toll plan on July 12, 2004.
7. Gonzalo Barrientos - He Chairs CAMPO and works for RMA toll authority vice chair Lowell Lebberman's Centex Beverage. But, he'll tell you it's not a conflict. He's been pushing freeway tolls ever since he's been getting greased.
6. Carter Casteel - This old politician is either senile or hopes you are. She's a Comal County Representative who voted with Krusee very time on Transportation bills this session, as she sat on the Transportation Committee, but she'll tell you she's against freeway tolls. Trust her as far as you can throw her.
5. Mark Strama - West Austin Representative newby voted with Krusee every time on Transportation bills this session. He promised to vote against freeway tolls before he was elected, but he lied and voted for Freeway tolls in Central Texas as a member of CAMPO just weeks ago.
4. Robert Nichols - Nichols just resigned as one of Perry's appointed highway henchman on the Texas Transportation Commission He'll run for Todd Staples East Texas Senate seat.
3. Todd Staples - Authored HB 2702. He trumpets 2702 as bill that helps us. He's a liar and hopes that we don't know better. He's trying to move from the Senate to the statewide seat of Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. Among many other things (complete summery coming soon) HB 2702 immediately shifted $51 million dollars more on to Austin taxpayers for only 3 sections of freeway toll utility relocation - remember the city council /TxDOT contracts? Thank Staples for that - read more below.
2. Mike Krusee - Perry's errand boy authored HB 3588. It's what started this mess.
1. Rick Perry - He's the head of this snake. And, it's hollow. Perry seeks: reelection as Governor, freeway tolls and the Trans Texas Corridor. We get 2 bites at this apple.

FYI: The whole House of Representatives - Looter Roundup list is complete! - see it here.

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