Dawnna "Freeway toll profiteer" Dukes puts herself first...Again!

State Rep. Dawnna Dukes, of East Austin, knew she was likely to miss the vote on a proposal to cut billions of dollars in school property taxes while raising billions with broader sales taxes, set up a trick arrangement to cover her House absence. It fails to work...READ the Statesman article here

Records show Dawnna Duke's sister, Stacy Dukes-Rhone, received a subcontract with the CTRMA (toll authority) on July 13, 2004, the morning after Dawnna Dukes voted YES for the FREEway toll plan on July 12, 2004. The freeway toll plan includes East Austin's 183 & 71 freeways - they are already 100% fully funded with our gas tax dollars. Freeways have NEVER been shifted to tollways in the history of our country - Until corrupt politicians like Dawnna Dukes get bought off.

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Glenn Earl Graham said...

Keep up the fight. We'll get these profiteers!