CAMPO House of Games.

*U P D A T E D*

In today’s Statesman article, “Watson calls for delay in toll vote”, there is mention of a Kirk Watson email sent to current and upcoming CAMPO board members. The very interesting email confirms Kirk Watson is working behind the scenes for the CAMPO chair position. In the article, Senator Kirk Watson says:

"The people of Central Texas need to be treated like valued constituents, not just resources to be harvested."
Wow, it sounds like Watson is going to keep our freeways free...right?


Don’t be fooled. There is no Central Texas Politico smoother and more dangerous than Senator Kirk Watson. Read my recent blog article about how Watson has already diverted tens of millions of City of Austin transportation bond dollars into toll roads.

For weeks, special interests are working hard behind the scenes to “fix” Phase II tolls. They are setting up Watson to head CAMPO, and cutting the number of CAMPO board members from 23 to 18 or 15. The special interests can control 15-18 elected officials (hand picked to stay) easier than 23.

Reliable sources within CAMPO say the tricky back room deal is this: 1) Watson and others will present a new Phase II plan. 2) The new plan will remove “toll lanes” and this will be sold as a victory for the people. 3) The new plan will include “managed lanes”.

But this con is as simple as a two bit parlor trick. What is the "reveal", you ask?

"Managed lane" is marketing term that replaces the unpopular word "Toll". Read more in the comment area.


Anonymous said...

Can you please post an explanation or a link to a definition of managed lanes?

Sal Costello said...

"Managed lanes" is a marketing term: Express lanes that parallel an existing highway and charge drivers a toll. Managed lane is another word for toll lane.

"Value Pricing" is another marketing term that goes hand in hand with Managed lanes. The tollers sell it to the public by saying Value Pricing will "reduce congestion". This reduction in congestion is done by increasing the toll cost within the day as the need rises (such as charging more during rush hour).

Watch these tollers and thier schemes to take roads that are already ours.

Sal Costello said...


Is this because they're scared of you???
Or are they playing more games with our lives again!




They are scared of being de-elected.
Politicos all think they can be Mayor
or Prez or Gov someday.

They react to big piles of money
or big sticks with rusty nails on the end.

Since we don't have millions to buy them with,
we'll use the beatin' tool with rusty nails
on the end (AustinTollParty.com).

: )

The Muckraker