KXAN Picks Up Muckraker Blog Exclusive!

Chris Willis from KXAN picked up the Muckraker Blog Exclusive, "Tollers Secretly Tracking The Public", from last Monday! Click on the arrow within the video for it to play.

The KXAN report, ”Cameras Capturing License Plates On Toll Roads”, was done 2 days later and caught TxDOT in yet more lies. Most people think the cameras are a system for tracking toll violators. But they are actually taking a picture of everyone who drives the road. We don’t know how long the data will be archived, if the information is shared with other government agencies, or if the database is being sold to the highest bidder.

KXAN interviewed the image review clerk that contacted me days earlier:

“We found one of the people who was hired to do this work. He didn’t want his identity revealed. He told us his quota was 4,000 license plates entered into the database everyday. It seemed high so he asked his supervisor.”

“She said, ‘Well no, we’re not doing violations right now. We’re basically entering in all the data from everybody traveling the new toll roads.” Which sort of threw me back because at that point I thought I was going to be handling violations,” the image review clerk said.
First Gabriela Garcia of TxDOT says the equipment is simply “being tested”. Then Garcia says:
“I’m not sure how much of that’s happening on which roads and how many of the vehicles are actually being photographed. It’s not being sold to anybody or anybody else for any other purpose other than toll enforcement purposes only,”
Then in a second interview Garcia said any photographs taken and information gathered on people that are not violating the tolls will be deleted, and “no records will be kept”.

Right. I believe TxDOT, and there are some pigs flying by my window right now. Monkeys are flying out of their a%#.


Anonymous said...

I suspect the activation of their cameras are two-fold.

1) I suspect that TXDot is simply fact gathering attempting to identify, on average, how many vehicles are going to pass through their tolls on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. They're probably budgeting how much they going to rob from us!!!

2) This allows them to work out the bugs with the camera's. But, to that, I question, why must every vehicle be photographed? I mean how many vehicles will actually just drive through without paying?

So, do we have any rights to fight the pictures being taken of us without us committing a violation? Or, by simply driving their roads, we're at their mercy?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right! What was that comment from someone on this site about "pigs flying" and "monkeys exiting their ..."?
I am soooo very sick of these "legal" liars and thieves ...