TxDOT inflates need by $30 Billion. Gets caught. Gets happy?

1. TxDOT inflates their "need" by $30 Billion Dollars!
2. TxDOT gets caught with a "claw in the cookie jar".
3. TxDOT gets happy?

This Fox7 News report above focuses on how the new Texas Transportation Institute report proves TxDOT inflated their needs by $30 Billion dollars to sell tolls to the public. $30 Billion dollars is real money folks! Shouldn't someone go to jail or something?

Ok...This is what I see when I watch the video. What do you see?

TxDOT gets caught red handed, and what is Randall Dillard of TxDOT’s spin in the video? Randall says TxDOT likes the report. RIGHT! And the moon is made of cheese. That TxDOT “happiness” will confuse some viewers, but most should see how these TxDOT schemes, are just lies and theft of our tax dollars and our roads.

TxDOT is supposed to serve the public, but instead they see tolls on roads we’ve already paid for and the TTC land grab as an unending, unaccountable source of new revenue.

Privatizing and tolling our existing public highways is also windfall for the TxDOT employees. Individually, the employees like Randall Dillard, who push the double tax tolls, are often rewarded with future six figure jobs with special interest pals. A reward for setting up the new revenue pipeline from your wallet to theirs.

(Click the video arrow above to watch the must see video)

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