DALLAS NEWS: Mayor's company has $2.6 million contract with TOLL Authority

Texas Toll Roads are just too UNaccountable for the crooks to resist.

Unaccountable tolls provides a feeding ground for political snakes looking to take advantage of the taxpayer.

The central Texas Toll Authority, under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein as Executive Director, gave out NO BID contracts to themselves and thier friends.

Now a longtime Richardson mayor has two separate conflicts involving his software company, CapitalSoft, Inc., which has a $2.6 million contract with the North Texas Tollway Authority as well as his firm is housed in a business incubator owned by the city of Richardson since 1999.

From the Dallas News article today:

At a recent coalition meeting, Mr. Slagel apologized to members who were unaware of his private dealings with the authority. But he said he didn’t use his position to lobby for his client. “I pushed for a system solution,” he said Monday.

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