Governor Rick Perry Slanders Me

The Texas Governor, Rick Perry, must be obsessed with me.

Months after I moved out of Texas, the Governor of Texas is spinning tales about me to to the Dallas Morning News. Perry says I tried to make a living off opposing the corridor, and since I couldn't do so, I had to leave Texas.

What a crooked liar!

Perry says this in the article:

"....And if the grass-roots toll groups and bloggers had substantial influence, we wouldn’t be building any roads at all — they would have killed (our efforts) — and we are. Sal Costello had to move out of the state, it got to be such a poor way to make a living."
The writer Michael A. Lindenberger, of the Dallas Morning News, deserves credit, as he tries to set the record straight within the article (although he's off by a couple of months with when my announcement took place) — But it's a better effort than the toll loving Austin American Statesman would ever do (Otherwise known as the Snakesman). Dallas news says this after Perry reimagines the facts:
"Note: Costello, founder of a group called Austin Toll Party, is credited with helping stop some taxpayer-funded roads in Austin from being converted to toll roads. His blistering attacks made him a prolific anti-toll road gadfly. He announced earlier this month he had moved to a small town in Illinois and given up what he called his costly “obsession” with campaigning against toll roads."


Anonymous said...

See Sal....

Even though the governor dropped your name in an interview...he's right. You did get out of town and leave us fighting him and his dumb-ass ideas on our own.

He's also right that probably Austinites won't be as mad when he comes up for reelection. So many people are moving here from outside of Texas, they have not been around long enough to have seen Perry in action. Maybe Kay Baily is a big wimp, won't run, won't win, or has the same ideas for Texas road building. Maybe the CDAs and the PPPs, this "Corporate Coup D'etat" of Texas transportation WILL win.

You fought for a while, but you didn't see it through. I hope you are happy in Illinois. I, and my fellow Oak Hill residents are getting a toll road in our backyard in the next couple of years....

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!! this sorry ass punk governor is just trying to save his sinking ship- as well as his drowing career in Texas politics!! who believes this idiot has a snowball's chance in hell of winning again in 2010? anyone? anyone?

man i wish Perry would suffer the same fate as Blagojevich. you KNOW that behind the scenes this joker is up to no good. why hasn't someone caught him yet?!?!?!

Porkus Maximus Tex: said...


I'd take Rick Perry's drivel as compliment. After all, he has the grassroots to thank for his miserable 39% showing in the last election.

Guv 39% and gang he runs with are motivated by power, greed and fear. They just don't get grassroots activism --other than it's "such a poor way to make a living."

You're lucky you live in Illinois, Sal--at least your legislature had the collective balls to impeach a crooked governor.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is the deep blood-addiction the construction industry has to the bloodletting that City and State gov'ts perform on We the People, feeding the construction industry hunger.

Here's a guy who has sensible ways to get stuff built, while reducing the addiction: http://www.infrastructurist.com/2009/02/02/trillion-dollar-barry/

Anonymous said...

Taxing by the mile: http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/wire/sns-ap-lahood-vehicle-mileage-tax,0,6754105,print.story

(which helps make fuel efficient vehicles irrelevant, right?)

Anonymous said...

These politicians are so glad you left. There's no way they could not talk about the work you did. The sad part is they will try to spin history to make themselves look better and you look bad. But that's to be expected of slim-ball politicians.


Anonymous said...


You don't have to post this, but please let it be known the TURF movie, "Truth Be Tolled" is now on YouTube. Everyone needs to watch all the segments. I thought Williamson was bad, apparently Houghton , that snake, learned a few things from him. Please get it out there.