Rep. Dawnna Dukes: "Low Down, Dirty and Underhanded"

This MUST watch video (click the arrow above) on Rep Dawnna Dukes, by KEYE News, tells the story on how Dukes doesn't pay her bills. Dukes has actually been sued for nonpayment by:

  • City of Austin
  • Travis County
  • Austin Independent School District
  • Travis Hospital District
  • San Antonio Federal Credit Union
  • Austin Community College
  • Sub Contractors
The Texas Comptroller had even placed a lien against her business "DM Dukes and Associates" for not paying her business taxes. Dukes business is still defunct, but Dukes continues to do business and get paid with taxpayer dollars!

You must see the video above. Now, for what I've found (what the report above doesn't cover).

1) Rep. Dukes, who voted to toll Austin freeways like Sen. Kirk Watson, is a certified contractor with TxDOT. I've put in a FOIA request to ask how much she's been paid by TxDOT and if she's been paid by the local Toll Authority (I'll report back to you on this blog when I get answers in about 10 days).

2) Also, Capitol Annex reports that Rep. Dukes is putting up legislation for developers, then getting contracts in return.

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Anonymous said...

If she doesnt win (hopefully) she can always find a home at TxDOT. Taking money from tax payers and putting it in their pockets isnt that standard operationg procedure over there? She could be quite happy.