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Obama bests Clinton against McCain in general election match-up, says CNN (Time magazine poll):

The poll, conducted over the three days leading up to Super Tuesday, shows Obama beating McCain by 7 points, 48 percent to 41 percent. Clinton ties McCain at 46 percent.


Anonymous said...

We know what we think of CNN polls.

Anonymous said...

Time Poll.
CNN article.

Other polls reflect the same outcome.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. I have the same level of respect for all political commentary (polls and articles) from all mainstream media outlets.

I like what Joel Skousen had to say...

"The untold story emerging from the Super Tuesday primaries is not that McCain has the Republican nomination almost wrapped up, or that the Democrats are evenly split in their support for Obama and Clinton. The real story is that the manipulation of the election process has become so obvious to the thinking portion of each party that a latent rebellion is brewing. More and more people are cynical and angry over media bias, carefully timed big name endorsements that sway ignorant voters, and back room party deals (yet to come) that are specifically aimed at thwarting the ever-growing dissatisfaction of voters with the hollow promises of change. Those that spend a considerable amount of time pondering the issues and candidate positions (both real and feigned) are in the minority of each party. But, they are at least twice as active as passive and manipulated voters---and they don't like what they see ahead. Is this growing rebellion enough to stop the establishment process of limiting our choice to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum? Probably not, at least not yet, but dissatisfaction levels are growing so much that if the establishment forces John McCain and Hillary Clinton upon the nation, an independent challenge is probable."

Anonymous said...

And I'll be the independant! My campaign?

An 8% national sales tax.

Get rid of the lawyers.

Repeal all contingency laws.

Get rid of the lawyers.

Create a national rebuttal system where all voices have equal and fair expression under the law.

Get rid of the lawyers.

All national elections will be done through Social Security numbers and each vote verified.

Get rid of the lawyers.

Create a national education system with a 1% of Annual Income tuition rate. Books and texts will be digital.

Get rid of the lobbyists. It's our money, not theirs.

Expand the Office of The President into equal population regions. A national interest can not be had with a regional president and cabinet.

And...oh yeah, get rid of the lawyers!

Sal Costello said...

The politicos are the problem, not lawyers.

Without lawyers we wouldn't have made as much progress as we've had to date:

The funniest things about people who trash attorneys 24/7: The first time they have their ass in a jam they call one up for help.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I see a fundamental flaw in our whole political process.

It is great for lawyers to stick to lawyering, that is, prosecuting and defending persons accused of civil or criminal infractions.

The problem is when big-moneyed lawyers are the lobbyists or working for the lobbyists and indeed writing the statutes that the legislator proposes as a bill. Multiple conflicts of interest here.

Lawmakers are funded by the same people that the lobbyists and lawyers are funded by. And lawyers are prosecuting and defending cases based on the laws that they wrote and got passed.

On top of all that, many of the representatives and senators are practicing attorneys.

The separation of powers foundational idea of our republic was very wise in intending that lawyers confine themselves to the judicial branch of government.

Ossama is Dead. said...

If voters are so concerned with the economy they should listen to ron paul