I Love Sen. Judith Zaffirini!

A flood of press articles about TxDOT's $1 Billion dollar error have come out since yesterday (I think my unplanned live blogging reported it here on this blog first). LOL! Oh hell, I've been saying that TxDOT can't add for years, as it's focused only on tolling our freeways and stealing our land for the TTC. Oh, have I mentioned I love Sen. Zaffirini?

"There are many, many people, myself included, who believe this is a ploy to pressure us to go back to toll roads," Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo
Here they are, I LOVE the first headline!:
Oops -- Texas DOT makes $1B accounting Error (Business Journal)

Who's at wheel? (Waco Tribune-Herald)

Lawmakers question trans officials on cash flow issues (AP)

State Senators Grill TxDOT (SA Express Blog)

$1 billion error caused cash crunch (AAS)

State Lawmakers Blast Back at TxDOT (Bond Buyer)

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Anonymous said...

Since they sure as hell don't do their REAL job, maybe firing this lot of losers would recoup some of the "lost" budget!