Dallas Morning News Publishes My Letter to the Editor Today

'Toll' a four-letter word

Re: "More room on the road – Managed lanes project on I-635 is critical to North Texas, says John Carona," Monday Viewpoints.

Too many slick politicos are now telling citizens we need managed lanes.

What they don't tell drivers is that "managed lanes" is too often just another word for "toll road." By not using the nasty T-word, politicos can keep the sheep calm. I didn't see the word "toll" used once in Mr. Carona's column.

These managed lanes are built with our tax dollars, and then drivers need to pay a toll tax to drive on them again. Keeping drivers who can't afford to pay twice off the road is not a traffic congestion solution.

Sal Costello, founder, People for Efficient Transportation, Austin


I urge everyone to send letters to the editor of your local newspaper often - about freeway tolls and the TTC land grab. Feel free to use any words you find on this blog to get you started.

Shine the light on the cockroaches by always use the name of a key elected person to educate others. And, it's free! But YOU need to take responsibility for your community and write. 150 words or less, include your name, address and phone for verification.

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