CNN Gets a Spankin

Pat Driscoll's San Antonio Express Blog covers how the CNN failed to include the TTC question in the debates last night. Linda Curtis, of Indepenent Texans, who was promised by CNN that they would ask the TTC question - wrote Sam Feist, CNN Political Director:

Dear Mr. Feist:
You called me the other day to request that we stop a barrage of emails to CNN requesting that someone ask Senators Obama and Clinton a question about the Trans-Texas Corridor in last night's debate.

You told me that you were already planning such a question.
I trusted that your word (sic). I also assumed that because CNN, Time Magazine and The New York Times had covered this issue this month, you understood how profound this issue is to Texans and to the nation. Sadly, I was wrong.
Read the rest of the letter, and article HERE.

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