TxDOT Cries Wolf

In recent months TxDOT has continued to shut down road projects all across the state (if they are not toll roads) saying that they've run out of money. And they have been cutting contracts like it's going out of style. From a recent article in the Statesman:

"Agency announced 57 percent cut in engineering contracts in November, leading to layoffs, transfers - and dread."
BUT, just posted today on the TxDOT “Careers” web site TxDOT seeks a Media Relations person and is ready to pay them about $100,000 a year.

This position is in addition to about 5 other positions that have been posted and closed recently for the Government and Public Affairs Division which has been conducting the “public outreach” for TxDOT. They also have three (1, 2) other positions currently posted in addition to the media relations section director.

There does appear to be a significant hiring slowdown at TxDOT, but NOT for the Media Relations division, which is focused on selling toll roads. Further proof that TxDOT is desperate to become a taxing authority.


Anonymous said...

can we get some engineers to testify against TxDOT?

Sal Costello said...


If there are any that don't have bills to pay, and if they seek a new profession (looking to be blackballed across the country).

Anonymous said...

There appears to be similarity between TxDOT media relations and Perdenales Utility Coop positions in that both skim the cream funds off the top denying that capital from being spent on its collected intent -- producing substantial infra-structure lieu frivolous politicizing or just outright, self-serving salaries for phantom work. Impeach "King Dick/Mr. 39%" Perry! says Dan Jasinski

Anonymous said...

Transportation will not float through the hot air of media relations nor be upheld by flimsy PR mailings. Frivolous needs to stop and violators held accountable and the greedy prosecuted.